Enjoy watching one (or all) of Huntsville's Council meetings live on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or other device.

Meeting agendas

Upcoming meeting details, agendas and minutes are available on the council and committee meetings calendar.

Attend Council Meetings

If you're looking to attend Huntsville Council meetings in-person, please view the council and committee meetings calendar.

Please note that in-person observation is restricted to the Municipal Council Chamber's gallery capacity limit of 30 seated persons plus one wheelchair accessible user. As per the Ontario Fire Code, the means of egress shall be free of all obstructions, including persons. 

Live meetings

Please be advised, in-person meetings will be live streamed to the best of our abilities. Should any technical difficulties occur, in-person meetings will continue as such without a live stream option or a recording.

Video Sound: We are aware that the sound in the live stream may be low. Please ensure the sound on your device is maximized. Meetings are also open to in person attendance at the location noted on the Agenda.

Past meetings