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Road Forms

Please note that all application fees are as per the current Fees & Charges Bylaw:

Approval Permit  (replaces the Roadway Occupation Permit)

An approval permit is required to submit a request to occupy or temporarily use a Town-owned roadway, right-of-way, sidewalk, storm-sewer connection and/or un-assumed road allowance improvements.

Entrance Permit

An Entrance Permit Application Form is required to install an Entrance/Driveway into a property.

Licence of Occupation

A Licence of Occupation allows for an encroachment (defined as anything installed, constructed or planted within the town road allowance that was not installed, constructed or planted by the town) on a town road allowance.  The result of this procedure is a legal agreement between the Town of Huntsville and the applicant. 

Moving/Overload Permit

A Moving/Overload Permit is required when moving Heavy Equipment and/or Wide Loads. Example: Moving a small building.

Road Allowance Sign Permit

A Road Allowance Sign Permit is required for Business Signs to be placed on Town Property.  

Road Name Change

A Road Name Change is required if requesting a change to a Road Name.

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