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Three Phases of the Official Plan Review

There are three phases to the official plan review approach which the Town of Huntsville has been working through: Phase 1 Creating a Vision, Phase 2 Background Reports and Phase 3 Official Plan.  The Town of Huntsville has completed Phase 2 of the review process and Phase 3 is currently in progress.

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Phase 3 Official Plan: In Progress

View the first draft of the Official Plan

Phase 2 Background Policy: Complete

Policy Background Papers - Complete
As part of the Official Plan Review process, a series of Background Reports were completed. These reports provide information to support the recommended changes in the new draft Official Plan. The public was given an opportunity to review each of the Background Reports upon completion and provided feedback through participation in an open house consultation event.

Open House

Background Papers

Healthy Community

Sustainable Natural Environment

A Growing Community


Preliminary Policy Directions & Comments - Complete

The Background Papers were used to draft the Preliminary Policy Directions Report. Public comments on the Preliminary Policy Directions Report were accepted until October, 20, 2017. Comments received were used to shape the Final Policy Directions Report.

Preliminary Policy Directions Report

Final Policy Directions Report - Complete

The Final Policy Directions Report was endorsed by Council on November 27, 2017, as a basis and framework for preparing updated draft Official Plan policies.

Phase 1 Creating a Vision: Completed

Phase 1 of the Official Plan Review kicked off with a visioning questionnaire and workshops where the public was invited to attend and provide input on how they envision the future of Huntsville. The vision and guiding principles for the existing Town of Huntsville Official Plan can be found under Section 2. Given the importance that community Vision plays in land use policy, the first step of the Official Plan project is to determine whether the existing Vision still reflects the direction that residents, stakeholders and Council want for Huntsville in the next 20 years. These sessions represented the beginning of the process as the Vision provides a basis for developing goals, objectives and policies for the Official Plan.

Background: Vision, Goals & Objectives - Completed

Open House: February 2, 2016 - Completed