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List of Candidates (Certified)

List of Certified Candidates

Declaration of Acclamation to Office

Declaration of Acclamation - Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board - Ward 4 - Town of Bracebridge

Certified Candidate and Acclamation - Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l'Ontario - Sector A - Municipality of East Ferris

List of Certified Candidates - Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir - Simcoe-Muskoka Region - City of Barrie

Mayor (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Website  Email
Scott Aitchison 247 Woodland Drive

Huntsville, ON  P1H 1A6

705-788-4406   thescottaitchison@gmail.com
Peggy Peterson 26 Cann Street, Unit 1
Huntsville, ON P0A 1K7


Town and District Councillor (3 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Website  Email
Nancy Alcock 518 Gryffin Lodge Road

Utterson, ON  P0B 1M0

705-789-4399 www.nancyalcock.com nancyalcock@icloud.com
Lillian Fraser 3550 Old Muskoka Road, RR2 

Utterson, ON  P0B 1M0





Helena Renwick 120 Hunters Bay Drive

Huntsville, ON P1H 1M9

705-787-0808 - Home 

705-783-9107 - Cell

https://helenarenwick.com  helenafordistrict@gmail.com
Bob Stone 885 South Waseosa Lake Road

Huntsville, ON  P1H 2N5

705-789-1736 votebobstone.ca bobstonexx@gmail.com
Brian Thompson 501 North Waseosa Lake Road

Huntsville, ON  P1H 2J4

705-571-0770   hawk19@vianet.ca
Tim Withey 31 Deerfoot Trail

Huntsville, ON  P1H 0A6

705-783-3289 www.witheyfordistrict.com tim@witheyinsurance.ca


Councillor - Huntsville - Ward 1 (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Email
Karin Terziano 20 Shaw Crescent

Huntsville, ON  P1H 1V8

705-789-6192 karinterziano@hotmail.com


Councillor - Chaffey - Ward 2 (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Email
Jonathan Wiebe 326 Ravenscliffe Road

Huntsville, ON  P1H 1L6

705-787-0635 jwiebe326@gmail.com


Councillor - Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney - Wards 3, 4 and 5 (2 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone


Jason FitzGerald 734 South Mary Lake Road

Huntsville, ON  P0B 1L0

705-706-1540   jason.fitz@hotmail.com
Larry Horton 62 Hiawatha Dr.

Port Sydney, ON  P0B 1L0

705-801-5295   tpg@muskoka.com 
Wanda Lumley 46 Vernon Lane

Huntsville, ON  P1H 2J2

705-787-0014 - Home

705-380-1930 - Bus.

Dione Schumacher 72 Beach Road

Utterson, ON  P0B 1M0

705-646-8260 - Home

705-380-4583 - Bus.

Charles Wilson 37 Spruce Drive

Huntsville (Port Sydney), ON  P0B 1L0

705-349-1808 www.electcharles.ca  charles@electcharles.ca


Councillor - Brunel - Ward 6 (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Email
Daniel Armour 425 Chub Lake Road

Huntsville, ON  P1H 2J3

705-789-7958 darmour@cogeco.ca
 Ken Inglis 1527 Brunel Road

Huntsville, ON  P1H 2J3

705-789-7651 - Home

705-789-8700 - Bus.



Trustee - Trillium Lakelands District School Board - Huntsville/Lake of Bays (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Email
Bruce Reain 26 Morgan Heights Drive

Huntsville, ON  P1H 1B7

705-788-0102 - Home breain46@gmail.com


Trustee - Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board - Ward 4 (1 to be elected)

 Name  Address  Telephone  Website  Email
Carol Corriveau-Truchon 57 Sherwood Drive

Bracebridge, ON  P1L 1K6

705-646-3201 www.carolcorriveau-truchon.com truchon6@gmail.com


Trustee - Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l'Ontario - Sector A (1 to be elected)

 Name Address   Telephone  Email
Denis Boyer 255 Mirimishi Road

East Ferris, ON  P0H 1K0

705-840-6705 denis.boyer@sympatiico.ca


Trustee - Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir - Simcoe-Muskoka Region (1 to be elected)

 Name Address   Telephone  Email
Ryan Malenfant      
Claire Thibideau 158 rue Hanmer ouest

Barrie, ON  L4N 7S1




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