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Candidate FAQ's

This page will be updated with questions as they are received and answers from the Clerk's Department.

  1. When does my campaign period begin?
    • Your campaign period begins on the day you file your nomination.
  2. How many endorsement signatures do I need if I am running for Council?
    • If you are running for Municipal Council in a municipality that has more than 4,000 electors, you must submit a minimum of 25 signatures endorsing your nomination. 
  3. Can a credit card be used to pay for expenses?
    • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs 2018 Candidates' Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Election states (Page 25):  Expenses must be paid from your campaign bank account.  If you use a credit card to pay for purchases you should make sure that you keep clear records showing that the expense on the credit card was reimbursed from the campaign account.
  4. Do I have to open a bank account?
    • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs 2018 Candidates' Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Election states (Page 4):  A candidate who does not spend any money or accept any contributions does not have to open a campaign bank account.
  5. What are the rules regarding multiple campaign election signs on private property and on boulevards?
  6. I was reading through the election material as it pertains to signs and wanted some clarification. There is a new bylaw that states election signs are not allowed on municipal property prior to July 27 at 2pm? 

    • Correct.  No candidate, registered third party or their agent or any other person shall affix, install or otherwise display an election sign or permit an election sign to be affixed, installed or otherwise displayed:  Prior to closing of nominations for a municipal election.   

  7. I'd be interested to know if Election Sign By-law 2018-22  had been researched as to whether it would survive a Charter challenge. Was this done? 

    • No.  Report CORP-2018-02 and the Election Sign By-law 2018-22 was presented and adopted by Council on February 26, 2018.

  8.  Does Election Sign By-law 2018-22 apply to private or MTO property? 

  9. What will the font and size be on the Voter Information Letter?

    • Arial 11pt.

  10. Are there any rules or regulations prohibiting a candidate from emceeing and volunteering for an event?

  11.  What is the qualification required to run for Council regarding residency?
    • To run for Council the person must:  Be a resident of the Town of Huntsville or own or lease property (or be the spouse of the owner or lessee) in the Town of Huntsville.
  12. How is a lame duck Council determined?

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