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Unity Plan

The Unity Plan is a Huntsville's Guide to a Sustainable Future.

Final Copy of Plan - September 15, 2010

Unity Plan - "Huntsville's Guide to a Sustainable Future" - (PDF)

Unity Plan - "Huntsville's Guide to a Sustainable Future" - (Word Format)


Past Forum Summary Reports

Community Forum 1 - February 3, 2010

Community Forum 2 - March 16, 2010

Community Forum 3 - July 12, 2010

Why Huntsville Needs a Sustainability Plan...

There are several reasons to develop and implement a community-based sustainability plan:

  • It ensures the Town's eligibility for future Federal Gas Tax funding which can be used for roads, bridges, public transit, water, wastewater, and energy and waste management projects. Without this plan the Town will not be eligible to receive the annual federal funding which within a few years will be over $1,000,000.00 per annum
  • It opens doors for other funding and partnerships and identifies opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders and community members
  • It creates a unified vision for the future that integrates aspects of the environment, society and economy in all decision making and future directions
  • It provides the Town with opportunity to show leadership within the District as the first to prepare a Town-wide sustainability plan
  • It builds on existing programs, plans and policies and identifies areas for further action
  • It includes the ideas, dreams and hopes of Huntsville residents and includes community members in implementing change
  • It provides a framework for municipal decision making, as well as a tool to monitor and track progress and success

2015 Sustainability Report

The 2015 Sustainability Report is now available! It builds on the past reports, which are available below. Read the reports and celebrate our sustainability successes on our journey to be a more sustainable community!

Previous Annual Reports