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Deputations at Council/Committee

Any person wishing to make a verbal presentation to Council or to a Committee is required to fill in a deputation form (see below). Deputations are to provide Members of Council or Committees with information only, and are not meant to generate debate or deliberation.

Deputation Application Form

Click here to view or print out a deputation form.

Appearing as a Deputation

  1. A number of concerns may not require an appearance before Town Council. Please contact the Clerks Department prior filling in the application form and we will try to resolve the concern or direct you to the next steps to take.
  2. A request for a deputation to Council must be made in writing to the Town Clerk describing the nature and purpose of the deputation. Submissions must be received by the Wednesday before the meeting.  In order to ensure a mutually convenient date, please provide your request to the Clerk's Office as soon as possible.
  3. A request for a deputation to a Committee must be made in writing to the Committee Recording Secretary (as noted under the Boards & Committees web page) describing the nature and purpose of the deputation. 
  4. Once all information is received and confirmed, we will contact you regarding further deputation and meeting details. If a deputation is to go before a specific Committee, your request will be forwarded to the Chair of the Committee.
  5. Deputations shall limit their presentation to not more than ten (10) minutes in accordance with Section 13.5 of the Town's Procedural By-law 2010-130. Only one spokesperson may speak on behalf of a deputation to Council/Committee.
  6. This material should be made available to the Town Clerk's Department in advance of the meeting so that Council and staff are aware of your concerns. Your submission should be delivered / faxed or e-mailed by the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Electronic files such as Power Point presentations should be emailed to us by the Friday prior to the meeting.
  7. Deputations will be allowed from the gallery without prior registration to hear during a public hearing portion of a meeting under the Provisions of the Planning Act or other legislative or regulation requiring a public hearing (i.e. Hearings on Zoning By-laws Amendments; Official Plan Amendments). A copy of the comments shall be in writing and given to the Clerk or Recording Secretary at the Meeting.
  8. Following your deputation, members of Council will have the opportunity to ask you any further questions, but they shall not enter into a debate.

Meeting Calendar

View our Council and Committee Meeting Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

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