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Boards & Committees

Every term of Council, the Mayor appoints citizens of the Town of Huntsville to various Committees and Boards.  Council relies on these Committees and Boards to provide recommendations on pertinent issues within the Town of Huntsville and draws on the expertise of these volunteer citizens.

At the commencement of Council's term, you are invited to volunteer your time and experience to participate on such Committees and Boards dealing with issues ranging from heritage buildings to community facilities and local cultural events.  To recognize, promote and strengthen the sense of the community, diversity and multiculturalism, all Huntsville residents are invited to participate as Committee members. 

Vacancies and information relating to appointments to these Committees and Boards are advertised in the local paper.  Click to view the Appointments to Boards & Committees Application Form

To review the composition of Boards and Committees, please refer to the Town of Huntsville's Appointing By-law.

Every Committee of Council must pass a Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference is meant to act as a guide for each Committee and outlines matters pertaining to  the mandate of the Committee, staff support, Committee composition, and areas of budget responsibility. Click to view the Consolidated Committees of Council Terms of Reference 2014-2018.

Our Boards & Committees

Here is our list of the committees.


Crystal Best-Sararas
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