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Accountability & Transparency = Open Government

Accountability and Transparency are principles of good government. A municipality is responsible to its citizens and stakeholders for actions taken and decisions made. Additionally, the process for actions taken and decisions made need to be open and accessible to the public to allow for public participation and scrutiny.

The Town of Huntsville is committed to conducting business in a transparent and accountable manner. The links below provide details as to how these fundamental principles are entrenched within the Town's various policies, practices and procedures.

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NEW - Huntsville Open Data Portal

clip art image of a folderPolicies and By-laws

clip art image of a person's silhouetteClosed Meeting Investigator

clip art image of two silhouettesMunicipal Complaint Process

clip art image of a locked briefcaseFreedom of Information - MFIPPA & Routine Disclosure

clip art image of a filing cabinet drawerPublic Disclosures

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Town of Huntsville
Tanya Calleja, Municipal Clerk

Phone: (705) 789-1751 ext. 2255
In Person: 37 Main St East
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