Certified List of Candidates

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Mayor [1 to be elected]

Nancy Alcock

Phone Number: (705) 789-4399

Email: nancyalcock@icloud.com


Stephen Hernen

Phone Number: (705) 788-4008

Email: steve@hernenformayor.ca

Website: www.hernenformayor.ca


Reuben Pyette-Bouillon

Phone Number: (705) 571-4443

Email: rpyette64@hotmail.com


Tim Withey

Phone Number: (705) 783-3289

Email: tim@withey.ca

Website: witheyformayor.ca

Town and District Councillors [3 to be elected]

Dan Armour

Phone Number: (705) 789-7958

Email: darmour@cogeco.ca


Kathleen May

Phone Number: (705) 380-7113

Email: kathleenmaycouncil@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Kathleen-May-for-Council/100085156042185/


Scott Morrison

Phone Number: (705) 783-8199

Email: scott@scottmorrison.ca


Chris Occhiuzzi

Phone Number: (705) 571-2588

Email: chris.occhiuzzi@gmail.com


Bob Stone

Phone Number: (705) 789-1736

Email: bobstonexx@gmail.com

Councillor Ward 1 (Huntsville Ward) [1 to be elected]

Liam Broad

Phone Number: (705)774-8254

Email: lbroad@live.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LiamBroadPSM

Instagram: @LiamBroadPSM 

Twitter: @LiamBroadPSM


Peggy Peterson

Email: goodwaterwoman@outlook.com


Helena Renwick

Phone Number: (705) 787-0808

Alternate Phone Number: (705) 783-9107

Email: helena.renwick07@gmail.com

Councillor Ward 2 (Chaffey Ward) [1 to be elected]

Shawn Bouillon

Phone Number: (705) 220-4493

Email: duckhunt5000@hotmail.com


Cory Clarke

Phone Number: (705) 349-3484

Email: cory@clarke4council.ca

Website: www.clarke4council.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clarke-for-Council-100493702736149


Saleem Hall

Phone Number: (705) 571-9119

Email: hall.saleem19@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Saleem-Hall/100083018713169

Councillor Wards 3,4,5 (Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney Ward) [2 to be elected]

Tyler Ellis

Phone Number: (705) 783-5289

Email: tylerellisbusiness@gmail.com


Jason FitzGerald

Phone Number: (705) 706-1540

Email: jason.fitz@hotmail.com


Dione Schumacher

Phone Number: (705) 646-8260

Email: dionenschumacher@gmail.com

Councillor Ward 6 (Brunel Ward)[1 to be elected]

David Caplan

Phone Number: (705) 788-0678

Email: the.davecaplan@outlook.com

Website: https://davecaplan.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dave-Caplan-for-Council-104264759086692 


Monty Clouthier

Phone Number: (705) 783-5471

Email: muskokacrane@gmail.com


Ken Inglis

Phone Number: (705) 788-6208

Email: kinglis@vianet.ca

Trustee Huntsville/Lake of Bays - Trillium Lakelands District School Board [1 to be elected]

Bruce Reain (ACCLAIMED)

Phone Number: (705) 788-0102

Email: breain46@gmail.com

Trustee Area 5 - Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board [1 to be elected]

Joshua Boutotte

Phone Number: (705) 706-5596

Email: jboutotte@gmail.com


Aidan Harold

Email: aidan.harold@outlook.com

Trustee Zone A - Conseil scolaire public du Nord-Est de l'Ontario [1 to be elected]

Bruce Cazabon (ACCLAIMED)

Trustee Simcoe-Muskoka Region - Conseil Scolaire catholique MonAvenir [1 to be elected]

Claire Thibideau (ACCLAIMED)

Email: claire24@live.ca