Service connections: what you need to know

We’re working hard to keep things moving, but to stay on track, we need your help!

As part of this project, Downtown properties will be upgraded to a 1” (25mm) water service at no charge to the owner.
Some service connections are different than others, depending on how old they are – we all know how historic our downtown is! We need to investigate the exterior of your property and in some cases, we may need to come inside.

If we do need to enter, you will soon receive a “Permission to Enter” Form from Dufferin crews to grant permission for an assessment of the entry points of the current services and complete connection to the new system. As the right-of-way property limit for many of the buildings in the downtown core is the exterior of the building, part of the new services being installed when necessary at these locations will include new piping through the wall up to a maximum of 2’ (600mm) or a suitable location. This will then be re-connected to the existing service, so if anything happens in the future, we won’t need to rip up the sidewalk to access the issue.

These upgrades have been included in this project, and this is being done at no cost to downtown property owners.

The District is providing and is responsible for, the following upgrades (no charge):

  • Replacement of existing storm, water and sanitary laterals from main to the connection point
  • Upsizing for water laterals to 1” (25mm) diameter, from main to connection point
  • All licensed plumber costs for storm, water and sanitary lateral work from main to connection point
  • Assessment for existing service conditions inside buildings where required
  • Replacement of existing water meter (same size) if the District deems necessary

If upgrades or additional services are required, the property owner is responsible for:

  • Any new water, sanitary or storm service. (A District’s connection permit application must be submitted available at
  • Upsizing for any sewer and storm service
  • Upsizing for any water service above 1”
  • Water meter for any upsized water service
  • Any additional work required beyond new service connection
  • Any work required to bring existing service up to current building codes
  • Existing damage to foundation walls that is discovered during contract work

If you do not require or are not considering service upgrades, there is no action required.

Service upgrades/additions

If you are considering service upgrades or new services for your building beyond what is being offered as part of this project, the deadline to make arrangements with us is:

  • April 16, 2021 for Stage 1 locations
  • May 15, 2021 for any other stages

There are some properties who have already confirmed details and this work has been incorporated into our schedule. Any water or sanitary upgrades requested after May 15, 2021 may not be accommodated and will cause impacts and delays to our schedule. For more information about service upgrades, please contact Les Ranta from EXP Services at or 705-474-2720.