Fun facts:

  • The Town of Huntsville maintains 412 kilometers of town roads and about 30 kilometers of sidewalks.
  • Our downtown offers free side street, Main Street, and parking lots.
  • The transit system is affordable with reduced rates for students.

In this area of our website, you will find helpful info about:

Active transportation
Active transportation infrastructure refers to physical structures and the built environment that support active transportation, such as pathways, bike lanes, multi-use trails and widened sidewalks. Learn more about how Huntsville supports active transportation.
Driveways and entrance permits
Learn more about what is required to install a driveway and apply for an entrance permit
Half loads and weight restrictions and requirements
From early March to the end of May each year, reduced load restrictions “half-loads” are placed on area roads. However, some roads are exempt from this rule. The list is available on the half-loads and weight restrictions page. 

There are various spaces in Huntsville to park your vehicle, including parking lots and accessible parking. Additionally, find information on what to do if you receive a parking ticket.

Questions or concerns
If you have a concern about a road, sidewalk or streetlight, report your concern to us. 
Road and sidewalk seasonal maintenance
We get lots of snow here in Huntsville during the winter. Visit the seasonal maintenance page to understand our road clearing and maintenance procedures.
Road improvement program
Learn about how Huntsville roads are maintained seasonally in the plan outlined in the road improvement program.
Road occupancy and approvals
Road permits and approvals are required if you are working on, or occupying a road allowance.
Road projects and closures
Stay up-to-date with road closures and subscribe to our newsfeed to plan your travel or join us at an event. Visit our road project and closures to learn more. 
Learn about transportation options to Huntsville by air, train, bus and our local Huntsville public transit bus.