A permit is required when working on, or occupying a road allowance. The Town of Huntsville issues permits for work done on:

  • assumed or un-assumed town roads
  • sidewalks
  • right-of-ways
  • storm sewer hook-ups

Activities that need a permit

  • Placement of a moving container or disposal bin
  • Short duration storage of construction or landscaping materials beyond the limits of private property
  • Crossing the boulevard to gain site access where there is no depressed curb or paved driveway
  • Where the road will be occupied by workers or equipment to support construction or other activities
  • Where the sidewalk will be obstructed, resulting in a disruption to pedestrian traffic

What is a road allowance?

A road allowance is publicly shared space, used to deliver services. A road allowance gives public access to every property in the Town of Huntsville.

Why are permits required?

To manage open public road allowances. And for the safe travel of motorists and pedestrians.

Permitting allows us to

  • Confirm the necessity of each disturbance
  • Ensure road usage is carried out in a safe manner
  • Coordinate activities to reduce public impact
  • Ensure Town assets are protected from damages

Approval permit and payment

  • Approval permit - procedure
  • Approval permit - form
  • Fees apply and can be paid:
    • online
    • over the phone
    • by cheque in the after hours drop-box at Town Hall
    • by mail to Customer Service, Town of Huntsville, 37 Main Street East, Huntsville, ON P1H 1A1
  • A certificate of insurance is required with the application
  • A minimum of three (3) days is required to review and issue a permit