The Capital Road Resurfacing & Rehabilitation Program is a balanced approach of addressing urban and rural roads in good and poor condition. This pavement preservation strategy will allow the Town to maintain the road network in an overall good state of repair.

This program includes the following objectives: pavement edging, culvert replacement, road shouldering & ditching, crack sealing, urban renewal and road rehabilitation works which includes hot mix asphalt overlays, base stabilization, slurry seals, gravel lifts and urban road renewals.

Addressing Maintenance Concerns

In addition to the Capital Road Infrastructure Improvement Program, ongoing or year-round maintenance is a major function of the Public Works department, such as:

  • pothole repairs
  • wash-out road restorations
  • traffic warning and regulatory signs
  • various culvert replacements
  • brushing and tree maintenance
  • winter road maintenance

2018 Road Repair Schedule

 Pulverize with Hot Mix Overlay (PR1) & Hot Mix Overlay (R1)

Pulverize with hot mix overlay (pr1) involves the milling off of the top 25mm to 50mm of deteriorated road surface with the placement of a new hot mix asphalt overlay. Isolated base repairs may also be necessary, but will be determined at the time of construction.Hot Mix Overlay (R1) involves the placement of hot mix asphalt at various thicknesses directly over a hard top road.

Planned PR1 & R1 Improvement Areas for 2018

  • To be determined following the storm sewer report

 Base Stabilization & Double Surface Treatment High Float (BS & DST)

This process involves the road surface to be fully pulverized (grinding it up) and mixed with new aggregate for the purposes of road base strengthening. Following the re-shaping or grading of the road, a double surface treatment seal coat (tar and chip) is applied. When roads are selected for a full base and surface rehabilitation, ditching and drainage improvements including cross culvert replacements are assessed and included where necessary.

Planned BS & DST Improvement Areas for 2018

  • Gryffin Lodge Rd (from Hares Rd to south limits)

  • Penfold Lake Rd (from Stephenson Rd 12 to east limits)

  • Allensville Rd (from Highway 11 to Old Muskoka Rd)

  • Domtar Rd (from Old Muskoka Rd to train tracks)

  • Fowlers Rd (from Old North Rd. (from Old North Rd. to 100m north)

  • Maple Heights Dr (from Brunel Rd to Forest Glen Rd)

  • Parkside Dr (from Maple Heights Dr to Maple Heights Dr)

  • Forest Glen Rd (from Parkside Dr to north limits)

 Slurry Seal (SS)

Slurry seal (SS) involves the application of a road grade emulsion ("tar") applied to the surface of the road to provide a water tight seal and give the road surface an additional wearing course. Roads selected for a slurry seal are those that were rehabilitated the previous year as a base stabilization and double surface treatment (BS & DST).

Planned SS Improvement Areas for 2018

  • Old Muskoka Rd (from Summer Leigh Trail to Highway 141)

  • North Mary Lake Rd (from civic #523 to #1147)

  • White House Road (from Brunel Rd to South Portage Rd)

  • Harp Lake Road (from Sharon Dr to civic #1001)

Gravel Lift (G)

Gravel Lift involves the placement of a 3" lift of new granular material to an existing loose top (gravel) road. Gravel roads require continuous re-shaping as the top wearing course is negatively impacted by traffic, weather, etc. During regular routine maintenance on gravel roads, the aggregate material is reclaimed/re-used. However, as the material is lost over time due to winter operations, traffic "kicking it off," rain, etc., new material is needed to ensure that it can withstand the daily traffic loads.

Planned Gravel Lift Improvement Areas for 2018

  • North Fox Lake Rd (from Ravenscliffe to south limits)

  • Old Novar Rd (from Ravenscliffe Rd to 1,100m north)

  • Stephenson Road 7 East (from Greer Rd to west limits)

  • Oak Ridge Road (from Ravenscliffe Rd to north limits)

  • Peacock Bay Rd (from Ravenscliffe Rd to south limits)

  • Candytown Lane (from District Rd 10 to north limits)

  • Sam English Road (from North Mary Lake Rd to east limits)

  • Concession 2 & 3 West (from District Rd 2 (Brunel Rd) to west limits)

  • Longs Lake Road (from Highway 141 to north limits)

Bridge & Culvert Replacement Program

Planned Bridge improvement Areas 2018

This year's program involves the following locations:

  • South Lancelot Bridge #1 - replacement of old structurally deficient bridge structure with a new pre-cast concrete arch-type culvert including new guide rail installation.
  • Etwell Road Bridge - replacement of old deteriorated 1.6m x 0.9m corrugated steel arch culvert.