The Town of Huntsville Public Works Department maintains municipally-owned roadways, sidewalks and parking lots throughout the year. This page outlines various seasonal maintenance procedures for:

Spring maintenance

 Spring road conditions

After the spring thaw, seasonal load restrictions are put into effect on Town roads. Seasonal load restrictions are authorized and supported by the Public Works Department and the District of Muskoka.

During this time, the Town is committed to improving road conditions and reducing potential flooding by:

  • Using hot and cold mix asphalt to patch potholes during the winter and in early spring.
  • Clearing snow from the ends of culverts and using steam to thaw frozen catch basins to allow maximum water flow and reduce potential flooding.
  • Conducting street sweeping activities throughout the urban and rural areas of Town.
  • Grading gravel roads and shoulders for re-establishing the crown in the road, the removal of potholes and improving positive drainage to roadside ditches.

For more information, please call 705-789-1751 option 5.

Road maintenance

Rural road maintenance

The Town improves road conditions by:

  • Patching potholes and repairing the road surface.
  • Patching potholes with cold and hot asphalt in both summer and winter.

To report any road deficiencies such as potholes, please submit a road inquiry or call 
705-789-1751 option 5.

Ditches, culverts and catch basins

  • Crews remove snow and ice from some ditches.
  • Where required, culverts are thawed using a steamer.
  • Crews clear roadway catch basins of ice and snow to promote positive drainage to minimize potential flooding.

To report an issue, please submit a road inquiry or call 705-789-1751 option 5.

Gravel roads and shoulders
  • Gravel roads are graded for re-establishing the crown in the road and digging out potholes for a smoother ride condition.
  • After the frost has lifted, crews also include grading of roadside shoulders to help surface water to sheet drain into the adjacent ditches and watercourses.

Spring clean-up street sweeping

The annual spring clean-up includes the sweeping all paved roads and hard surfaces, to remove debris and materials that have accumulated throughout the winter season and could pose dangers to motorists, pedestrians/cyclists (ie. slipper conditions) as well as clogging up catch basins and inlets.

Residents are reminded to not rake or blow leaves, lawn clippings or other debris onto the roadway as this could result in a fine under the Highway Traffic Act R.S.O 1990, c H.8, s 180. 

Sweeping phases

Street sweeping is done in several phases:

  • Sidewalks, bus stop pads and medians are cleaned first by using sidewalk sweepers and other various equipment.
  • Town streets are swept clean by the use of a mechanical vacuum sweeper truck and where necessary, contracted services are used to assist. Water is first sprayed onto the road to minimize airborne dust and then the material is sucked up leaving behind a much cleaner surface. This operation may be repeated several times depending on the amount of material needed to be removed. If vehicles are parked on the street, the unswept area is noted and crews will return to clean that portion. If you think a street has been missed, please call 705-789-1751 option 5 or submit a road inquiry to complete an online request.

Parking during clean-up

Residents are asked to help crews clean the Town by not parking vehicles on the sides of streets while street sweeping activities are being conducted.

Typical hours of operations are Monday to Friday, between 4:00am and 8:00pm beginning April 15th (weather dependant).

Road closures news feed

Subscribe to our road works and event closures news feed to stay informed.  

Reporting a street light outage

The Public Works Department operates and maintains all street lighting within the Town of Huntsville. To report a street light outage, please contact the Town by calling 705-789-1751 or submit a road inquiry.

Please note that street lights are different from traffic lights (red/yellow/green). To report a traffic light outage, please contact 705-789-1751 opt. 5.

Replacement of damaged mailboxes

Damage to rural mailboxes often occurs during winter, but a mailbox may also be damaged by other types of road maintenance equipment.

Winter maintenance

From Nov 15th to April 15th our crews maintain over 400 kms of roads and approximately 30 kms of sidewalks by plowing, sanding, salting and removing snow.

Winter maintenance - how it works

The Public Works Department performs maintenance at a level that meets or exceeds Ontario Provincial Regulation 366/18 – Minimum Maintenance Standards for Roads.This ensures that snow and ice are removed within a specified time frame based on the specific road classification (average daily traffic volumes and speed limits).  

Please select from the following list to learn more about our winter operations:

Plow routes

The Town of Huntsville has 9 dedicated plow routes that take approximately between 6 – 7 hours to complete depending on many factors (ie. weather, road conditions, obstructions such as parked vehicles, etc.).

Starting this winter season the Town will be exercising a new Pilot Project, where a split shift model will be conducted to ensure that more time, during the weekdays, will be given towards winter maintenance. For instance, in one day, a total of 16 hours of plowing time will be now be recognized with the first shift being from 4am – 12pm and the second being 12pm – 8pm.

Snow clearing priorities

Main routes

Main Routes focus on main roads which carry large volumes of traffic including bus routes; school areas; emergency, fire, hospital routes and critical areas on hills, curves and bridges. These roads are maintained to a bare pavement condition and are the Town's first priority.

Designated secondary routes

Designated Secondary Routes focus on the streets that link the main routes with secondary or residential streets. These streets are maintained to a centre bare pavement condition and are the Town's second priority after main routes are passable.

Secondary routes

Secondary Routes include all low volume local and residential streets within our neighbourhoods. These streets are not maintained to a bare pavement condition, they are plowed and sanded as necessary to provide safe vehicular travel. They are only serviced after the main routes and designated secondary routes have been cleared to an acceptable level.

District of Muskoka snow clearing priorities

Contact the District of Muskoka for snow clearing priorities on District-owned and maintained roads. If you are unsure who owns a road, please see our Roads page for map details.

Snow removal from road edges

December 2018 update - Currently removing snow along the edges of roads with the use of a new sidewalk machine outfitted with a snow blower attachment, dump trucks and a road grader. 


Benefits of snow removal:

  • Removes “tunnelling effect” of snow banks and improves sight lines
  • Reduces amount of sand along the roads for a quicker spring cleanup (not as much sand to sweep up)
  • Reduces amount of sand that washes into the roadside catchbasins and ditches in the spring
Winter parking

Municipal parking lots

Municipally-owned parking lots are generally cleared between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. when there is very little parking activity. Should a vehicle be parked in a municipal lot between these hours, that vehicle may be plowed in as staff must continue throughout their route.

Learn more about where to park on the parking page.

Winter patrolling
To ensure all roads are maintained, all rural roads are routinely patrolled and maintained to comply with the Town's winter maintenance standards.
Helpful tips for residents during the winter season
  • Check out YourTv's winter road operations multi-series news episodes on YouTube, specifically the do's and don'ts episodes
  • Protect your mailbox by making sure the area around it is free and clear of snow. Should your mailbox be damaged by a plow, please submit a road inquiry to request an inspection and assessment to be conducted
  • Don’t shovel, blow or plow snow out onto a public roadway. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act it is illegal
  • Keep sidewalks fronting or abutting your private property free and clear of ice and snow as required between 9am and 5pm. Snow Removal By-law and Snow Removal By-law Amendment
  • Keep children from playing in and around snowbanks near roadways and traffic
  • Keep fire hydrants clear and accessible as in the event of a fire, gaining access could be critical
  • On your garbage day, place your garbage and recycling containers close to the edge of the road but not so close as to interfere with snow removal 

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