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Business strategies and considerations

The Downtown Huntsville BIA would like businesses to consider a variety of strategies and incentive ideas during the Diggin’ Downtown project. Below are a few suggestions to consider.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to the BIA at 705-789-1400 or by email huntsvillebia@bellnet.ca.

1. Promotions
Are you doing more or cutting back? Co-promoting with a business that has products/services complimentary to yours? Are you taking advantage of the co-op advertising program offered by Downtown Huntsville with the local Forester? Are you tagging our Facebook / Instagram page (@DowntownHuntsville)? Are you planning to offer special sales during the construction period? Holding special events or incentives? Are you utilizing all social media avenues available? Will you offer coupons to your customers who are buying from you now that are redeemable only during the construction period? Will you offer those coupons to your customers during construction that are redeemable after the work is done as a thank you for their loyalty?
2. Mailing lists/social media
Do you have a mailing list for your frequent customers? Start growing your social media accounts now! This would provide a great way to target your offers to those people most likely to buy – loyal customers will find a way to get to your business no matter what! Would you consider enrolling in a loyalty program? Be sure to hashtag #diggindowntown
3. Signage
The Town, District and BIA will be placing appropriate signage throughout construction, but can you augment this with signage in your store? Advertising alternate entrances? 
4. Alternate entrances 
Do you have a back entrance to your business that customers can use? If so, what would it take to make it as easy to access as possible? (Think about signage, lighting, space to walk, make it inviting, etc.)
5. Inventory
If you know you will be faced with construction in front of your store in the spring, should you consider reducing the amount of inventory you order for that season? Should you augment what you would normally order for the fall? Are there other lines you could bring in that might appeal to a market that would be new to your business to increase foot traffic?
6. Staffing
If you expect business to be down a bit during the construction period, should you consider hiring fewer people in the summer? Or hire a part-time person instead of someone full-time?
7. Shopping
Encourage your staff to shop at businesses that are having work done in front of their stores – they will return the favour when it is your turn. Do you offer discounts to staff members of other downtown stores? If so, do they know?
8. Online presence 
Have you invested in a website that shows your product lines? Have you tapped into the FREE Digital Service available (Digital Main Street)? Is it capable of including an online shopping component? Can you deliver your products?
9. Hours of operation 
Could you open later in the day and extend your hours later than 6 pm? This would mean you could be open longer into the evening after construction crews have left.
10. Think outside the box 
Have a great idea that you’ve always wanted to try? Get creative and explore new plans! Have a brainstorming session with your staff!
11. Positive attitudes 
Operating a business with construction in front of your door is not easy, but it most certainly is doable. Talk to others who have been there and learn from their best practices. Stay positive – it won’t last forever, and it will look great when it’s done!

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