The Town of Huntsville is committed to active transportation (movement of people or goods powered by human activity). This includes promoting walking, cycling and the use of human-powered or hybrid mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, e-bikes, rollerblades, snowshoes and cross-country skis as well as active transportation infrastructure.

Active transportation infrastructure refers to physical structures and the built environment that support active transportation, such as pathways, bike lanes, multi-use trails and widened sidewalks. The most effective active transportation infrastructure provides a complete network that allows users to safely move through their communities and between destinations, from main streets to schools, parks, public transit hubs and residential neighborhoods.

How is Huntsville supporting active transportation?


These markings attract cyclists and remind two-wheeled and four-wheeled road users to share the road with each other. When we are polite towards other road users, the roads are a safe place to drive and cycle.

Public Transit:

Muskoka transit web map

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Sidewalk Master Plan:

Town of Huntsville Sidewalk Master Plan map

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Huntsville Trails:

 trail dock overlooking lake

Enjoy what the Town of Huntsville and natural Muskoka outdoors has to offer with our parks and trails.

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Community Cycling Events:

The annual and social Mayor's Bike Ride and Kids' Bike Rodeo promote safe cycling for families. It provides an opportunity to give cycling a try all while traveling through a variety of neighborhoods in Huntsville. The event recognizes the importance of physical activity and also active transportation for the Town of Huntsville.

Bike Rack Infrastructure:

Bicycle racks allow you to park for free, with no time limit. Bring your bike, your helmet and your lock.

Racks are available on/at:

  • Main Street
  • Town Hall
  • Canada Summit Centre

Active Transportation Examples:

  • In 2014, the Town of Huntsville again received funding through the Healthy Communities Partnership Program of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. The project goal was to draft Official Plan statements that will provide policy support for planning decisions that result in active transportation.
  • In 2015, The Town of Huntsville received $252,000 (100%, nonmatching funds) from the Pan Am Legacy Fund and up to $167,250 (50% matching funds) from Trans Canada Trail to complete its portion of the Ontario's Trans Canada Trail. The Town also received $85,000 from the District’s Active Transportation Fund to complete the Hunters Bay Trail extension in 2017.

Active Transportation Map

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