With over 400 kilometers of roads, and many sidewalks, the Winter Operations crew work hard to keep up with mother-nature. The Town of Huntsville often receives up to 285 centimetres of snow per year. That’s a LOT of snow! This weekend we have various forecasts stating our area can receive upwards of 50 centimetres of snow through this snow event into Monday, November 21st.

While our dedicated team is prepared to clear the snow, the Town would like to remind residents of a few tips to help our crews this winter while they keep our roads and sidewalks safe:

  • Please remove all basketball nets and stands, garbage cans etc. from the roadway as well as snow storage locations
  • Keep sidewalks accessible at all times by not parking across sidewalks in your driveways, removing garbage cans from sidewalks and picking up newspapers to avoid getting stuck in the sidewalk machine after a snowfall
  • Don’t park your vehicle on the street overnight. Vehicles that interfere with snow removal will be towed at the owner’s expense
  • When shovelling your driveway or sidewalk, don’t shovel, push or throw snow onto or across the road or onto the sidewalk
  • When driving in snow conditions: Slow down and be extra-courteous. Keep a safe distance back from plows and avoid passing. Please be patient, with our plowing crews as well as other drivers.

To learn more about our winter road operations or winter parking restrictions visit Huntsville.ca/WinterRoads.