This month, Council heard from Town staff and invited presentations on key issues including The Town of Huntsville’s Draft Strategic Plan and wayfinding. Here’s what happened:

  • Mayor: Provided a statement on the tragic HWY 60 accident that took place November 25, noting the influx of condolences received and offers of support from Premier Ford, local Mayors, and many others; she offered condolences and assistance from the Town to the affected families.
  • The Town of Huntsville began developing a new Strategic Plan in July 2023 to establish Huntsville’s highest priorities and a collective vision for the future. Over the course of a few months, residents were engaged and asked the question, “what matters most to you?”. Incorporating the feedback from the community, Council, and Town staff, the Town of Huntsville has developed the Draft Strategic Plan. Project consultants will share a presentation outlining the Draft Strategic Plan for Council’s consideration which will be followed by period of public engagement. 
    • OUTCOME: Council was satisfied with the invited presentation and the Draft Strategic Plan in principle; no questions or concerns were raised by Council or the public. The Community Draft Strategic Plan survey is open from November 28 to December 12. Staff will come back in January with survey results incorporated and present final draft for adoption.
  • The Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department is seeking an additional $42,000 in funding from the Fire Capital reserves to be included in the Draft 2024 Capital Budget for increased costing for the new 2500-gallon Tanker/Pumper.
    • OUTCOME: Council has approved proceeding with the purchase of a new Tanker/Pumper to replace an old Tanker/Pumper at the end of its operating lifespan (20 years old in 2024). This decision will prevent insurance cost increases.
  • At the September General Committee Meeting, Town staff shared the wayfinding signage package for Circuit A. This circuit directs vehicular traffic off of main highways towards points of interest and parking in Huntsville. Town Staff are presenting quotes for Circuit A wayfinding signage for Council’s consideration, and Council will provide direction on the preferred design option and materials.
    • OUTCOME: Council has selected design option two – aluminum signs, special cut into arrow shapes. Council discussed whether to use all steel posts (higher cost) or a mix of steel posts, painted black, and wooden posts (lower cost) in lower traffic, lower visibility areas. Council has opted to select a mixture of steel and wood posts in order to provide cost savings.
    • Example of the selected wayfinding signage option two.
  • Town staff are providing a report with an overview of the ongoing discussions of the three Committees of Council: the Active Transportation and Public Transit Committee, the Environment and Climate Change Committee, and the Community Services Master Plan and Waterfront Strategy Committee. These committees have met monthly from March to November of this year to identify priorities in their respective areas of community interest.
    • OUTCOME: Report was presented for informational purposes. Council expressed thanks to the Committee members and staff.
  • A motion was introduced and passed by Council to create a “No Stopping/Fire Access Route” on South Mary Lake Road. The Town of Huntsville Council will request that the District Municipality of Muskoka provide an amendment to the District of Muskoka Parking Control By-law to include a “No Stopping/Fire Access Route” restriction on South Mary Lake Road (District Road #44) from Civic Numbers 340-434 and install appropriate signage.
    • Background: There is a new Christian school opening across the street from the Fire Station on South Mary Lake Road in Port Sydney. Due to concerns about traffic during school drop off and pick up, the new No Stopping/Fire Access Route will ensure Emergency Vehicles can navigate the area safely during all hours of the day.  
    • Fire Chief spoke to the motion and that they are very supportive of it and have met with By-Law and all agree this is a proactive measure to prevent any problems for fire truck access in the future.

Want to dig deeper? Watch the full discussion through the livestream.