(Huntsville, ON) The Town of Huntsville’s Planning Council will hold a public meeting on June 12, 2024, concerning a second housekeeping amendment to Community Planning Permit (CPP) By-law 2022-97. The proposed amendment would pertain to all lands within the Town of Huntsville and would make minor technical changes to clarify wording, improve implementation, and streamline development approvals.


A Public Meeting concerning CPP By-law Housekeeping Amendment #2 will be held by Planning Council on June 12, 2024, at 1:00 p.m., in Council Chambers at Town Hall. Through the public participation process, residents will have the opportunity to make written or oral comments and submissions regarding the proposed housekeeping amendment before or during the Public Meeting.


Public Meeting:            Community Planning Permit By-law 2022-97 – Housekeeping Amendment #2

Date:                               June 12, 2024

Time:                              1 p.m.

Location:                        Council Chambers (3rd Floor) Town Hall, 37 Main Street East, Huntsville (also see virtual meeting participation link and instructions at Huntsville.ca)


Housekeeping Amendment #1 was passed by Council on March 27, 2023. The changes proposed in Housekeeping Amendment #2 have been identified based on issues arising through the implementation of the by-law and discussions with applicants.


For more information regarding this meeting and public submissions and comments, please see the official Notice of Public Meeting. A copy of the draft CPP By-law Housekeeping Amendment #2 is available for review on Huntsville.ca/Planning. If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact the Town of Huntsville Planning Department.



For More Information Contact:
Richard Clark
Manager of Planning
Town of Huntsville
705-789-1751 ext. 2232