(Huntsville, ON) The Town of Huntsville is taking steps to modernize its Planning Department with an upgraded website, updated notification procedures, and the launch of Cloudpermit for planning applications, starting June 3, 2024.


“The municipal planning process can be difficult to navigate, especially for private individuals. Through the launch of the revamped Huntsville Planning website and Cloudpermit platform, we aim to make it easier for both professionals and private residents alike to find the information they need and submit their planning applications,” says Richard Clark, Manager of Planning at the Town of Huntsville. “We are also increasing efficiencies and modernizing through an update to the Planning Notification procedures.”


Upgraded Planning Website

The Town has revitalized the Planning Department section of its website in order to make it more user-friendly for those who want to submit a planning application or learn more about planning fundamentals, permits, and by-laws. The new Planning webpages make it easier to access documents, applications, and information. The new Planning homepage can be accessed at Huntsville.ca/planning. On the homepage, users can find information and resources such as: Planning FAQ, Planning Fundamentals, Planning News & Notices, Consent Application Process, Planning Application & Forms, Official Plan Amendments, and Community Planning Permit Bylaws & Amendments.


Updated Policy for Planning Notification Procedures

At the Planning Council Meeting on May 15, an updated Policy for Planning Notification Procedure was approved, with the goal to modernize and create efficiencies in the planning notifications process in light of an evolving media landscape. Now that there is no longer a print newspaper in Huntsville, it was important to revise notification requirements accordingly. The new policy outlines the communication requirements for various types of planning applications. Please click here to view the updated Policy for Planning Notification Procedures.


As a result of this update, the Town’s website will become the primary tool for planning notices and people will be able to subscribe for planning news notices to come directly to their email addresses by following the “subscribe here” link on the new planning news notices page.


Launch of Cloudpermit for Planning Applications

Starting June 3, 2024, planning applications for the Town of Huntsville will be submitted through Cloudpermit.


Implementing the Cloudpermit System will allow individuals to better track the status of their application, receive notifications when updates have been made, have the ability to access their workspace from any device, and allow for a seamless transition to building permit applications. Cloudpermit provides a space for collaboration and tools to clearly outline the expectations of the municipality throughout the planning process. Cloudpermit is a tool that allows increased integration amongst applicants, agents, property owners and reviewers when it comes to development proposals.


To learn about how to use Cloudpermit, access our Cloudpermit Guide and FAQ by visiting Huntsville.ca/CloudpermitFAQ. A Public Information Session webinar on how to use Cloudpermit for planning will be held on June 5 at 10 a.m. – see details below.


Webinar Name:            Public Information Session – How to Use Cloudpermit for Planning
Date:                              June 5, 2024
Time:                             10 a.m.
Webinar Link:               Click here for Zoom link



For More Information Contact:
Richard Clark
Manager of Planning
Town of Huntsville
705-789-1751 ext. 2232