(Huntsville, ON) At last night’s meeting, Council approved the Town of Huntsville’s new Strategic Plan, following a final round of public consultation. The new Strategic Plan is based on community input, gained through an extensive public engagement process, and outlines the Town’s vision, mission, and values, strategic priorities (pillars), and foundational statement. The Strategic Plan will guide Council and Town Staff moving forward in the development of budgets, operational plans, and how we serve residents on a day-to-day basis.


“Thanks to the feedback received from Huntsville residents, we’re excited to share the new Strategic Plan and the priorities that are important to the community. This is our north star. It is a vision of where we are headed and what we want Huntsville to become, but foundationally, it is based on deeper connections with you,” says Mayor Nancy Alcock. “We are committed to responsible decision-making, engaging with our residents, and growing together.”


The newly-adopted Strategic Plan positions the Town using three guiding statements. The Town’s Vision statement is the North Star – what the Town aims to be: “A growing community that is vibrant, inclusive, and healthy while protecting our heritage and natural features.” The Town’s Mission is our purpose and how we achieve it: “Delivering quality services for the people of Huntsville through responsible decision-making.” The Values are the standard principles followed to achieve the mission and vision and include: Respect, Understanding, Integrity, Empowerment, Transparency, and Responsibility.


The Strategic Plan also governs the Town’s strategic priorities, outlined by three pillars and a foundational statement.

  • Pillar #1 – Balanced Growth: We are committed to growing in a way that balances the creation of vibrant, inclusive, and connected communities with the celebration and preservation of Huntsville’s distinct character.
  • Pillar #2 Protected Natural Environment: We are stewards of the environment, working alongside our community and partners to protect the Town’s natural heritage and take action on climate change.
  • Pillar #3 Lively, Healthy, & Safe Communities: We support and advocate for the health and wellness needs of our community members and the vitality of our local businesses.
  • Our Foundation – Stable, Trusted, & Engaged Community Partner: We enable our staff to deliver exceptional services, safeguard our financial health, and deepen connections with community members.


“The new Strategic Plan tells us not just what to focus on, but how the community wants to be supported. It guides our day-to-day activities and focuses our efforts on key priorities that have been chosen by Huntsville,” says Denise Corry, Chief Administrative Officer at the Town of Huntsville. “As your trusted community partner, we will deliver on these Council-supported initiatives through transparent practices. We are committed to investing in our people and services to support the Huntsville of today and tomorrow.”


Now that the Strategic Plan has been adopted by Council, Town Staff will focus on creating a Corporate Action Plan to meet the goals and initiatives under each pillar. Town Staff are working on various ways to ensure that the Town's Mission, Vision & Values are consistently at the forefront of how daily tasks are approached. Unless specifically required through legislation, any new projects or initiatives moving forward will need to support the strategic priorities of the Town, as outlined in the Plan.


Strategic Plan Project Background

The Strategic Plan was developed following an extensive public engagement process which included a month-long community survey, three pop-up events, and three focus groups. Through the community survey, the Town received more than 1,500 responses that answered the question, “what matters most to you?”. Using the public comments collected, Council and Town staff developed priority areas with goals and objectives in the Draft Strategic Plan.


The Draft Strategic Plan was presented to Council on November 27, 2023. This was followed by a two-week survey to get final feedback from the public on the draft plan. The Vision Statement, Three Pillars, and Foundation received 65-77% approval from respondents. Many comments were received, most of which are addressed in the full plan, or will be addressed in the next phase of action planning. Residents can learn more about the development of the Town of Huntsville’s Strategic Plan by visiting myhuntsville.ca.


Strategic Plan Resources

Mayor Alcock, Deputy Mayor Armour, CAO Corry, Director Frame with final Strategic Plan document

Mayor Alcock, Deputy Mayor Armour, Denise Corry, CAO (back left), and Reva Frame, Director of Corporate and Community Strategy (back right), with the Town’s final Strategic Plan document, adopted by Council at the January 29 meeting


For More Information Contact:

Reva Frame
Director of Corporate and Community Strategy
Town of Huntsville
705-789-1751 ext 2355