Feb. 20 UPDATE: The Community Financial Requests forms are now working and available online at hunstville.ca

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties the application form is not currently available. However you may still visit Huntsville.ca/FinancialRequests to view details on the program. When the form becomes available we will update. 

(Huntsville, ON) The Town of Huntsville’s Community Financial Requests application page is now live at Huntsville.ca/FinanicalRequests. Formally known as the Small Community Grants program, the Community Financial Request program has expanded to include a wide variety of community requests in one user-friendly location. This program provides support for new recreation and cultural experiences, special events and programs that enhance resident quality of life and provide a benefit to the community. It is run on a first-come, first-served basis and the available funding limits for each calendar year are set through the budget.

The three types of community requests that you can apply for include:

  1. Monetary Contribution: This is money paid by the Town to the successful applicant to support a community event, project or program. Applicants may only apply for a monetary contribution request once per year.
  2. Promotional and/or discounted admission: This is a non-monetary contribution from the Town to the successful applicant, such as a free admission pass for Muskoka Heritage Place.
  3. Reduced and/or waived fees: This is a non-monetary contribution from the Town to the successful applicant, and would cover such requests as reducing the rental fee for a Town facility. 

To learn more about the program, eligibility requirements, Frequently Asked Questions and to submit an application visit Huntsville.ca/FinanicalRequests. *Please note that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with accessing the mobile version of the application form; it is recommended to access the application form on a desktop web browser for the time being.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like assistance with your application, please contact the Town’s Economic Development Officer.


For More Information Contact:

Lauren MacDermid
Economic Development Officer
Town of Huntsville
705-789-1751 ext 3035