Mayor Nancy Alcock provides a message to the community during the Significant Weather Event. Watch the December 27 video or review the highlights:

  • Mayor Nancy Alcock thanks Municipal and District Operation Crews, Firefighters, Emergency Services, and Private Sector Partners who continue to help and keep our community safe
  • Mayor Nancy Alcock provides a heartfelt thank you to our residents who have shown patience and those who have reached out to their friends and neighbours
  • As of today December 27, at least one lane has been plowed on municipal roads and sidewalk cleaning continues
  • With the amount of snow accumulation and the large snowbanks, snow removal will be slow but it will be steady
  • In regards to power outages: if you are able, please call your provider directly if your outages continue in your area. Note, that due to road conditions, hydro restoration is greatly effected. Crews continue to do their best to provide around the clock assistance.
  • Town of Huntsville and District of Muskoka customer service is available to you if you have road concerns. Please call the Town of Huntsville at 705-789-1751 press 2 or the District of Muskoka at 705-645-6764 or repot a concern online
  • Thank you to everyone and we will continue to provide updates on the next phase during this Significant Weather Event.

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