This month, General Committee is hearing from Town staff on key issues including budget and building department policy. Here are some of this month’s topics:

  • The Town of Huntsville is reporting an expected overage of approximately one per cent of the total budget forecasted for the end of the year ($195,506). The deviation is mainly due to increased projects costs as a result of inflation. The impact to the budget has been reduced by cost savings as a result of staff vacancies. Town staff are recommending the Q3 budget deviations be approved by General Committee.  

  • The municipality offers compliance reports upon request which outlines property specific information including the permitted uses of the property, septic information, building permits status, any known violations with the property and any additional municipal approvals or restrictions required by the Town of Huntsville. Due to the volume of compliance report requests, staff are proposing a policy and procedure to help create efficiencies and provide this information to the public in a timely manner. The Town of Huntsville hosted two open houses to receive feedback on the process from the public. For real estate transaction-related requests, Staff are providing the recommendation that a Property Information Package be obtained at the time the property is listed to ensure all interested parties are made aware of open building permits, septic restrictions, and property allowances such as zoning. Staff are also proposing a standardized intake form to help expedite requests and standardized verbiage on the reports with Community Planning Permit summary information to increase the public’s understanding of the information.

  • Huntsville has many community groups and individuals who, through their actions, invigorate our community. The Town currently recognizes organizations through the Community Recognition Public Benefit Partners Program. Town staff are bringing forward a recommendation to General Committee to administer the Community Recognition Program for Individuals to celebrate and recognize individuals’ contributions.

Want to learn more? Join us in person or livestream the meeting on on November 29, 2023. For the full list of topics and more information, visit the meeting agenda on