This month, General Committee heard from Town Staff and community deputations on key issues including Community Scoreboard at Conroy Park, Dara Howell Way – Parking Options, Kitchen Road South – Proposed Maintenance Options, Huntsville Community Foundation Fund, Huntsville Mountain Bike Association Race Event, Good Food Cooperative.


Here’s what happened:


  • Deputations:
    • Following a presentation by the Muskoka Community Foundation, General Committee directed staff to investigate the feasibility of establishing a Huntsville Community Foundation Fund.
    • Committee received a Deputation from Ross Clarke of Huntsville High School regarding the installation of a scoreboard at Conroy Park and potential corporate sponsors to help cover the cost. Committee supports, in principle, the installation of this scoreboard, and directed staff to meet with Ross Clarke and come back with recommendations.
    • General Committee supported, in principle, the request of the Huntsville Mountain Bike Association to co-host a race event with Ontario Enduro Series and Canadian Enduro League at the Hidden Valley Bike Trail on July 13, 2024.
    • Following a Deputation from Good Food Cooperative, General Committee supports the waiving of the fees for License of Occupation for using a Town road allowance for food growing containers for the remainder of the 2022-2026 Council term.
  • Staff will present on the topic of Dara Howell Way - Parking Options. The issue of expanding the number of parking spots in River Mill Park off of Dara Howell Way has been discussed in the past with different configurations and designs being considered in an effort to relieve the traffic congestion and illegal parking in that area. Staff are recommending that parking remain as status quo until the completion of the Parking Strategy for the Downtown Core, which would be included in the draft 2025 operating budget for consideration.
    • OUTCOME: Staff have reviewed possible options for expanding parking which would result in impeding emergency services access. The Town’s newly adopted Strategic Plan outlines the need to develop a Parking Strategy for the Downtown Core. Due to these factors, Committee resolved that a Parking Strategy for the Downtown Core be included in the draft 2025 operating budget for consideration and that parking to remain as status quo until the completion of the Parking Strategy.
  • Staff will present a report on Kitchen Road South - Proposed Maintenance Options, outlining multiple maintenance and reconstruction options with costs to address the existing poor condition of Kitchen Road South for Committee's consideration and approval.
    • OUTCOME: Committee approved the maintenance for Kitchen Road South, at a budget of $58,000 be funded from the Roads Capital Reserve. The maintenance will be completed in spring of 2024 once half load limits have been lifted.


Want to dig deeper? Watch the full discussion through the livestream.