This month, Council is hearing on key issues including Physician Recruitment Incentive Package, Three (3) Committees of Council Update, IT Architecture Upgrade, Heritage Follow-up. Here are some of this month’s topics:


  • Council will consider a proposed Physician Recruitment Incentive Package to create an incentive program to attract family physicians as follows: signing incentive of $60,000 per physician taking over an existing practice and up to a maximum of $80,000 per physician establishing a new family practice, to a maximum of ten (10) physicians in total; the waiving of fees for ten (10) Muskoka Heritage Place and Pioneer Village one (1) year family membership and Family Skate and Swim one (1) year membership. The funds for physician recruitment would be drawn from the Municipal Accommodation Tax reserve and the parameters of the signing incentive would be outlined in an agreement to the satisfaction of the CAO.
  • Council will receive the final Three (3) Committees of Council Update with the implementation plans from the Active Transportation and Public Transit, Environment and Climate Change, and Community Services Master Plan and Waterfront Strategy Committees, which met for one year as per their terms of reference (February 2023-February 2024). The next step will be for staff to determine how to integrate these outcomes into the Strategic Corporate Action Planning process and/or budgeting.
  • Council will receive a staff report regarding a proposed IT Architecture Upgrade. A number of systems have been impacted by the cyber security incident and require changes to support a new architecture. The new architecture has removed features and functions that some applications used, which require us to implement scheduled changes earlier than originally planned, which would result in a cost of $49,592 to be funded through the Corporate Information Reserve. The applications affected are: Laserfiche (holds many of the Town’s official records), Cities Digital (integration between Laserfiche and GIS systems), and PastPerfect (records management system for over 65,000 items of historical significance and public art).
  • Council will receive a Heritage Follow-up report with a proposal to delegate the task of reviewing the listed properties on the Town’s Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value to provide recommendations on designations to Council, to HAAHS, along with a member of Council to act as liaison, and directing staff to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with HAAHS to set out the terms and conditions.


Want to learn more? Join us in person or livestream the meeting at on May 27, 2024. For the full list of topics and more information, visit the meeting agenda on