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Parking in Huntsville

The Town of Huntsville offers many parking locations throughout town. The Downtown Public Parking Map identifies areas where you can park including accessible parking locations. This page will provide you with additional details on this topic.

Accessible Parking

Designated Accessible Parking spaces are for vehicles that display a valid Accessible Parking Permit.  Our Downtown Public Parking Map shows all designated accessible parking locations in the area. 

Parking on our streets

Main Street Parking

Our Main Street welcomes you to visit, shop, peruse and dine.  We offer two hour downtown parking for our residents and visitors, free of charge.  Please respect the two hour limit so that others can enjoy the experience of Downtown Huntsville too.

Side Street Parking

  • You may park on side streets during certain times of the year, please carefully watch for signage saying otherwise and keep fire hydrants clear and accessible by not parking within 10 feet of either side of the hydrant.
  • April to November: Consider parking on the side streets and enjoying a short walk to the Main Street. During this time of year, parking on side streets is "full day" parking. The Summer Parking Map is helpful in finding a place to park during the months where there is typically no snow. Take the Healthy Huntsville Pledge to show your commitment to adding a short walk into your visits downtown.
  • November to April: Parking restrictions are in place in an effort to facilitate our snow removal efforts, please refrain from parking on streets during a storm event and where "no parking" signs are in place. The Winter Parking Map shows the municipal parking lots and other places you can park during this time of year. The removal of a vehicle interfering with snow removal may be towed at the owner's expense (as stated in the Highway Traffic Act, Ontario).

Parking Lots

Town of Huntsville owns and monitors three parking lots which are available year-round for everyone to use.  Please respect the two hour limit so that others can enjoy the experience of Huntsville too. The Downtown Public Parking Map shows Points of Interest and the 2 hr limit parking areas.

During winter snow clearing (generally between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. when there is very little parking activity) if a vehicle is parked in a municipal lot between these hours, that vehicle may be plowed in.

High Street Lot - NEW

parking at high street lot

There is a new parking lot behind Town Hall that can be accessed from High Street or Princess Street, between Brunel and West Street South.

River Mill Park Lot

parking at river mill park

River Mill lot is located at Dara Howell Way and River Mill Park and offers 38 spaces. 

West Street North Lot

parking at royal bank lot

Parking lot behind the Royal Bank at West Street North and Caroline offers 50 spaces with 2 designated accessible spaces.

Minerva Street Lot

parking at minerva street lot

Parking lot at Minerva Street and West Street South offers 27 spaces and 1 Tour Bus space.

Other Parking

  • Bicycle parking - Bring your bike, your helmet and your lock and use one of our bicycle racks to park for free.  There is no time limit, this is a sustainable way to travel, and there are a handful of racks located on Main Street, at Town Hall and the Canada Summit Centre.
  • Boats, RV's and Trailers - Town of Huntsville does not have designated overnight parking for these modes of transportation.
  • Private property - Enforcement of the Fire Route and Designated Accessible Parking on Private Property (By-law 2007-79) is done by the Huntsville By-law Enforcement Department.

Parking Tickets

The By-law Department is responsible for enforcing standards pertaining to parking in Huntsville. Enforcement of parking regulations assists with road safety and accessibility.

If you receive a parking ticket:

  • You can pay in person at Town Hall during business hours or, the after-hours drop box at the High Street entrance of Town Hall; by mail (cheques or money orders only); by phone (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • Early payment must be received within 7 days of the date of the Parking Infraction Notice; The set fine amount is due after 7 days
  • Choose one of the three options listed on the back of the ticket.  If you wish to request a trial, please provide contact details and sign the back of the ticket.
  • If you have a parking (or speeding, etc.) ticket that was not not issued by the Town of Huntsville, please read the back of the ticket for payment location details. 

Who to Contact

Town of Huntsville By-law Enforcement Office
Andrew or Corey

Phone: (705) 789-1751 ext. 3039 or 3041 
In Person: 20 Park Drive(Canada Summit Centre)
Email By-law