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hand holding a fire sprinkler

Home Fire Sprinklers

Every year, more than 400 Canadians die in fires in their own homes. In only three minutes, a room can become engulfed in flames.

Sprinkler Systems

In the time it can take the Fire Department to arrive on the scene, fire sprinklers can control or possibly put out the fire. In 90 percent of cases, fires are put out with just one fire sprinkler. Fire sprinklers protect property, save lives and may even help cut homeowners' insurance premiums. Along with working smoke alarms and a home escape plan, fire sprinklers provide the ultimate level of protection from the devastating effects of fire.  Lean more about How Sprinklers Work.

"Built for Life"

Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department has been recognized for their ongoing initiatives in advocating for sprinklers in residential buildings and are the first "Built for Life" Fire Department in Canada.  The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition works with Fire Departments to promote home fire sprinklers in order to prevent fire deaths and reduce property damage.

Who to Contact

Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department
Cecile (Sue) King
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (705) 789-5201
In Person: 1 Payne Drive
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