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Accessible Pedestrian Signals

An Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) system assists pedestrians with vision loss and those with both vision and hearing loss to cross at signalized intersections safely.

How they Work

Upon approaching an intersection, one will hear a repetitive "locator" tone identifying that the intersection is equipped with APS and the location of the activation push button.  To activate the system:

  • Press and hold the push button for 3 seconds
  • A click sound and physical vibration will confirm the system has been activated

A vibrating and tactile surface arrow on the button indicates the direction of crossing.  Once activated:

  •  A "cuckoo" sound indicates a North/South crossing
  • A "chirp" sound indicates an East/West crossing
  • The system has a voice count down from 10 seconds to indicate the time left for crossing

Where they are Located

Accessible Pedestrian Signals are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and are installed on poles at the following intersections:

  • Main Street at Brunel Road
  • Main Street at Centre Street

Who to Contact

Town of Huntsville
Crystal Best-Sararas
Committee Coordinator

Phone: (705) 789-1751 ext. 2258
In Person: 37 Main St East
Email Crystal