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The Town of Huntsville and the Township of Lake of Bays are conducting a Fire Services Review (FSR) as part of the 10-year Master Plan and are seeking community input. Learn more about the FSR and add your input.

Welcome to the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire department. Administration offices for both Huntsville and Lake of Bays Fire Departments are located in Huntsville. Please remember:


Huntsville operates out of two stations:

About the fire department

Five areas of responsibility:

  1. emergency response
  2. training
  3. apparatus and equipment maintenance
  4. administration
  5. fire prevention and education

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Services provided

Services provided by the fire department:

  • fire suppression
  • motor vehicle accident response
  • rescue – water and shore based
  • medical responses

Equipment and apparatus

Emergency vehicles and equipment:

  • four - pumpers with 1000 gallon capacity
  • one - rescue truck
  • one - ladder truck
  • all terrain vehicles
  • 12 foot outboard boat
  • sports utility vehicles and 4 wheel drive trucks

Fire Department Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

Tanker shuttle accreditation letters are accepted by many major insurance companies and most of the smaller insurers in Canada. 

Request a copy of the letter

  • You will get an email with the letter in it 
  • You can forward the letter to your insurer

Request a copy of the accreditation letter