The Town recently passed the Community Planning Permit By-law (By-law 2022-97). On January 31, 2023, this By-law was deemed in full force and effect for all lands not subject to site specific appeals.  This By-law has town-wide effect, except where it is subject to site specific appeals, and replaces the Town of Huntsville Comprehensive Zoning By-law and Site Plan Control By-law.  

Please note that Building Permit requirements have not changed, and further information about permit requirements and applications can be found here.      


Waterfront site plan approval

All development on waterfront lots is subject to site plan control. You'll need to complete the site plan approval process before you can get a building permit.

What is site plan control?

Site plan control ensures appropriate development. This helps reduce impacts on neighbours and the environment. The end result is an agreement between a property owner and the Town. The agreement includes a site plan that outlines the location of everything on the property.

How to apply

Make sure that your application package includes the following items:

  • Complete site plan application form
  • Site layout plan that shows:
    • all existing or proposed structures on the lot, including dimensions and setbacks to lot lines
    • natural features including vegetation, streams and wetlands
    • the shoreline buffer area within 15 metres of the shoreline
    • location of wells and septic systems
    • paths, parking areas and driveways
    • all easements and/or rights-of-way
    • location and type of all construction mitigation (temporary sediment and erosion control) measures
  • Copy of a title abstract (printout from the Land Registry office)
  • Application fee


  1. A planner reviews the application against Town policies. If there are any revisions needed, they will make comments
  2. Once the site plan is final, you'll enter into an agreement with the Town that outlines the approved development
  3. The owner registers the agreement on title
  4. You'll need to pay a deposit if your shoreline buffer needs more plantings as set out in the re-vegetation of shoreline buffer area policy. The deposit gets returned once construction and plantings are complete

Site plan approval takes about four to six weeks from the time that you submit a complete application.

Information and guidelines