June 4, 2020:  Memo: short-term rentals and essential services during COVID-19.

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Residents and property owners who wish to rent out rooms or entire units for a period of 28 days or less, are asked to obtain a licence. 

Safety guidelines

Prior to submitting an application, please read the tourism and hospitality sector section of the Ontario safety guidelines.

Apply for a licence

Open the application to licence short term rental accommodation.

Creating a unit

Check out our building and planning page for building requirements.

Fire safety tips for owners and renters

Rentals are not regulated like hotels and motels. Practice home safety in rentals just like you do at home. Make sure:

  • Everyone knows the address of the rental
  • There are working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms outside each sleeping area and on every storey of the rental
  • Everyone knows two ways out of every room, and out of the rental 
  • All doors and windows that lead outside can be easily opened
  • To choose an outside meeting place a safe distance from the rental where everyone can meet and be accounted for

For more on fire safety and emergency planning, visit the fire and emergency services page or contact the Fire department.

List of issued short term rental licences

Questions and concerns

You asked and we answered. Visit myhuntsville.ca to read through a commonly asked Q&A list.

There are some tools you can use to communicate with your neighbours on common neighbourhood concerns. 

Supporting documents