Help the Town of Huntsville protect the environment against pollution, by avoiding:


The environment and the air we breathe is important to keep clean. A vehicle that idles for extended periods of time impacts this by:

  • Wasting fuel and producing unnecessary carbon dioxide; the main greenhouse gas that causes to climate change

How residents can help

  • When your engine is turned off you can save money, protect your engine and prevent climate change
  • Please respect the anti-idling by-law and ask us if you have questions


  • Emergency vehicles; and those assisting in an emergency
  • Vehicles that remain motionless because of an emergency, traffic, weather conditions or mechanical difficulties over which the driver has no control
  • Vehicles transporting a person for medical reasons where the person requires the temp or humidity to be maintained
  • Mobile workshops


Types of noise pollution

  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Stereos / Music / Electronic Devices

How residents can help

You can help reduce the impact of noise by:

  • Reducing your home noise such as music/tv volumes
  • Notifying neighbours if you are doing any work with noisy equipment
  • Keeping your pet active and happy, to avoid excessive barking or whining
  • Conducting any necessary noise within the allowed hours set-out in the noise by-law 

Outdoor lighting

We love our night skies a nice view of the stars here in Huntsville. If you're from the city, this might be something you rarely get to experience. We want to keep Huntsville attractive and minimize light pollution. This helps protect our beautiful natural environment.

Types of outdoor lighting

  • Outdoor fixtures
  • Open water lights
  • Holiday lighting


By using only the energy we need, removing harsh lights, and being sensitive to the environment, we can have:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Safer environment
  • Friendly neighbour relations
  • Better quality of life

How residents can help

  • When you buy or install new outdoor fixtures, please comply with the outdoor lighting by-law
  • Property owners with existing outdoor lighting have until January 2026 to bright the lighting into compliance

Next steps

We began making changes by replacing streetlights in town with LED. These now comply with dark sky recommendations. Follow our lead and make sure your lighting is dark sky friendly before it is required in 2026.

More about light pollution

Visit the International Dark-Sky Association website.

Residential waste

Huntsville is a beautiful town with many natural resources we like to protect. Our clean yard by-law is in place to help avoid properties from getting messy and out of control.

Types of residential waste

  • Garbage
  • Waste materials
  • Dead or damaged trees
  • Stagnant water
  • Uncut grass
  • Improper composting facilities
  • Unsafe property conditions
  • Inoperative vehicles

How residents can help

  • Keep your yard clean and clear of waste and clutter
  • Use the disposal methods offered by the District of Muskoka
  • Please refrain from littering


Huntsville and area has a number of landfill and transfer stations, operated by the District of Muskoka. Visit our garbage, recycling and waste page for collection and drop off details.


Tobacco smoke is hazardous to the health of our people and our planet. The Town of Huntsville has a smoke free by-law which asks that smokers respect the environment of other residents and visitors and refrain from smoking on Town property and facilities, including parks/trails/beaches.

How residents can help

  • Please respect the requirements of the smoke free by-law
  • When smoking tobacco, please stay nine (9) metres back from any entrance, exit, building opening of any Town facility, including:
    • Parkland
    • Playground
    • Sports field
    • Spectator seating area
    • Ice surface

Report a concern

You can report a concern in any of these areas by contacting our By-law department.