Town Hall is re-opening on July 6, 2020: Cashless payments are encouraged to prevent any close contact. Debit, pre-authorized payment plans, and the option to pay taxes online through a financial institution are available for tax payments. Visa and MasterCard can be used for most non-tax payments. 

Note: In response to COVID-19, the Town of Huntsville has waived the penalty on the Interim Tax Installment to July 31, 2020. The deferral allows residents the ability to defer interim tax payments prior to July 31, 2020 deadline without incurring any penalty.

Optional tax deferral

Will tax payment be deferred?
The Town of Huntsville has waived the penalty on the interim tax installment for the four-month period from April 1 to July 31, 2020 in response to COVID-19. This means that the Town of Huntsville residents have the ability to choose to make the outstanding 2020 interim tax payments by July 31, 2020 without incurring a penalty although taxpayers are encouraged to make payments on the original due dates:
  • Payments will continue to be accepted and processed by the Town. Payments can be made in-person at financial institutions, through online banking or dropped off at the secure drop box located at the High Street entrance at 37 Main Street East
  • Those who previously sent postdated cheques to the Town for their Interim tax payment and would like to cancel the payment may do so by March 30, 2020 by calling (705) 789-1751 option 2
  • Taxpayers who have pre-authorized payments through their bank can cancel their instalment, by submitting their request in writing here. In order to resume the pre-authorized payment at a later date, the payment holder will need to re-apply to the Town. Please note if you withdraw from the pre-authorized payment plan, your account would become eligible for regular penalty charges for any outstanding taxes, as penalties become applicable
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP) instalments for March will continue to be withdrawn for those who did not cancel their PAP
For any inquiries, click here to contact Property Tax.
Should deferred amounts be paid back in a lump sum by July 31?
Taxpayers are encouraged to make tax payments on the original due dates. Payments will continue to be accepted and processed by the Town. Smaller payments could be made over the next few months or paid as a lump sum. Please be sure to pay all deferred amounts by July 31, 2020 to avoid penalties on any overdue balance.
When is the latest I can make my tax payment by?
All Interim tax installments should be paid by July 31. Penalty charges will be re-instated on arrears after July 31 unless further measures are enacted.
What about automatic withdrawals? Can I cancel my March installment?
Due to potential volumes and limited resources, we are asking residents to maintain the March installment for automatic withdrawals. The Town will do its best to accommodate all requests for cancellation of the pre-authorized tax payment program but cannot guarantee that all requests can be processed prior to the March withdrawal due dates.
Is a deferral the same thing as waiving fees?
No. A deferral delays a payment to a future date without penalty. It does not cancel the payment, it must still be made at a future date. Waiving penalty means that payments that are made late do not incur any further penalty until after July 31, 2020. Residents can choose to pay their taxes as originally billed and according to the due dates previously provided. If residents choose not to pay on the original due date, only the original instalment amount as billed remains in arrears. Please note the late fee is being waived for the current tax installment only, regular interest will continue to be calculated on accounts with existing arrears.
What do I need to do?
The Town will waive current installment penalties between April 1, 2020 and July 31, 2020. If you normally make your interim payment through your financial institution or at Town Hall on or before the March 31 due date and are not included in the Pre-authorized Payment (PAP) program or have submitted a post-dated cheque, then you do not have to do anything at this time.
Please note that the Town must receive your payment on or before July 31, 2020, otherwise penalties and interest will begin to accrue on any overdue balance at that time.
Tax payment options
The Town of Huntsville offers a number of convenient ways to pay your property taxes, visit the Property Tax Payment Options.

Learn about your property taxes, how they are calculated, payment options and who to contact:

Property tax bill and balance details

Receiving your bill

  • Property owners will receive a tax bill by postal mail twice each year
  • In special cases a supplementary/omitted tax bill may be issued by mail to the property owner
  • Any tax bill will be sent, at minimum, 21 days prior to the due date. Let us know if you have not received your bill in that time
  • Make sure we have your current mailing address on record so that you receive your bill and do not incur penalties for late payment
  • If you are on a payment plan or a mortgage plan, your bill will reflect this
  • Read your tax bill and all details within, carefully. Contact us with any questions

Account balance, transactions and copy of tax bill

  • Your original tax bill that we mail out is your official income tax receipt
  • Balance summaries can be provided to the owner, fees apply for each roll (property)
  • Transaction details can be provided to the owner, fees apply for each roll (property)
  • Duplicate copy tax bills can be provided to the owner, fees apply for each roll (property), please allow 3-5 business days to fulfill request
Due dates

Tax bill due dates

  • Interim property taxes are due the last business day of March each year
  • Final property taxes are due the last business day of August each year

Other bill due dates

  • Arrears notices, unless otherwise noted on the bill, are due at the end of the month
  • Supplementary tax bills, are due the date listed on the bill

Payment plan withdrawal dates

  • Installment plans, the withdrawal dates will be March and August each year
  • Monthly plans, withdrawal dates will be the last business day of the month
  • Mortgage plans, your mortgage company is expected to pay taxes on your behalf by the bill due date
Late fees
1.25% per month is applied on any unpaid balance; starting the first day of the month following the due date.

We understand that life happens but cannot adjust our due dates.

Avoid penalties and interest charges by:

  • Not missing a due date
  • Set up a payment plan monthly or by installment
  • Send us a post-dated cheque before or on the tax due date
  • Make sure we have your correct mailing address on file
  • Contact your mortgage company to see about having them pay your property taxes through your mortgage

Please note - there is a fee charged to accounts that receive a notice of tax arrears in accordance with the fees and charges by-law.

Payment options
Here are all of the ways you can pay your property taxes:
Online or by phone

Pay online or by phone, directly through your bank:

  • Search and add “Huntsville, taxes” as the payee
  • Your account number is always your 19 digit roll number with no spaces or characters

Allow 3-5 business days for your payment to be processed; this lessens the chance of late fees.


Send postal mail to:

  • Tax Department, 37 Main Street East, Huntsville, ON P1H 1A1
  • Cheque only - current date; or
  • Cheque only - post dated for the due date

All mail must be received by the due date in order to avoid late fees.


Use our drop-box:

  • Town Hall, back doors on High Street
Payment plans

Monthly, installment and arrears pre-authorized debit programs are available.


Your financial institution may offer/request to pay the property taxes on your behalf. Contact your mortgage company directly, to see about getting this set up through your mortgage.

3rd Party Credit Card Company

The Town of Huntsville does not offer the option of paying property taxes using a credit card. However, you may be able to use a third-party service provider that offers additional payment methods, including credit cards:

  • Plastiq (Property Tax Payments) provides credit card payment services
  • Third-party providers charge a fee for their service
  • You are responsible for making sure the Town of Huntsville receives your payment by the payment due date. If you are using a third-party service provider, you must clearly understand the terms and conditions of the services you are using. Also, links to other websites, or references on this website to products, services, or publications other than those of the Town of Huntsville, are provided only for the convenience of Town of Huntsville website users. The Town of Huntsville does not endorse these products, services, or publications.
Change of mailing address

We send the tax bill to the last known address.

Please let us know any time your address changes by submitting a mailing address change form. This form is also on the back of every tax bill.

Tax rates and calculations
Visit the tax rates and calculations page.
Property ownership

Ownership updates

Law offices are asked to provide Town of Huntsville's Property Tax department with a notice of ownership after the closing of sale of land within Huntsville's boundary.

New property owners

Congratulations on your new ownership status. Please note:

  • Your lawyer may provide Town of Huntsville with an ownership update at closing of sale
  • Property tax department will send the next tax bill to the new owner. If you have questions please contact us
  • The owner is responsible for paying property taxes on account in time for the due date
  • The owner is responsible to ensure that the mailing address information is current 

Owner lookup

In response to COVID-19 the municipal offices have temporarily closed until further notice. Therefore the tax assessment roll books are temporarily unavailable. For details on this change in service, please visit the service impacts of COVID-19 FAQs on   

If you need to know who owns a property, please come to Town Hall. We can show you the resources you need to lookup this info :

  1. Access our TOHM interactive map to get a roll number (property ID number) 
  2. How to search the public roll books based on the roll number, so that you can find out owner names, mailing addresses and property values

Public roll books are:

  • For viewing purposes only; details within should not be replicated
  • Are the property of MPAC
  • Updated by MPAC and provided to Town of Huntsville once annually, in December
  • Based on property values, not taxes - 

Town staff are available to help, but cannot legally provide ownership details otherwise

Own property in Huntsville

  • Occasionally Town of Huntsville may have surplus real estate available and will post on the Town properties for sale page
  • Occasionally Town of Huntsville will publically tender tax sale properties
  • Consult with a local real estate agent or lawyer if you are looking to purchase private property
Property value and assessment notices
Visit the property value and surveys page or speak directly with MPAC at 1-866-296-6722.