Planning is a public process that shapes the places we live, work and play. It is important that the community has the opportunity to provide their input and comment. 

Stay up-to-date on Huntsville planning matters by subscribing to the planning newsfeed, attending or watching the live stream planning meetings, or reviewing the current planning notices. Individuals can also provide comment. 

Public Meetings

Reports and recommendations are posted the Friday prior to the meeting date on the agenda, meetings and minutes calendar.  
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Participate in a Public Meeting

Attend or Participate in a Public Meeting

For the convenience of members of the public unable to attend in person meetings, the Town of Huntsville Planning Council meetings will be held in a hybrid format.  Under this hybrid meeting format, members of the public will be able to choose to attend and participate in these meetings in person or remotely.  Please review the following disclaimer respecting virtual meeting participation should you wish to participate remotely. 

Virtual Meeting Participation Disclaimer:  If considering virtual meeting participation, please note that meetings may continue in-person despite internet interruptions or other technical issues encountered by virtual participants as the in-person meeting is deemed to be the statutory public meeting, unless otherwise noted.  To avoid technical issues the Town strongly encourages you to either submit comments prior to the meeting or attend in person to provide oral comments. 

Members of the public who wish to make comments regarding an application virtually can join the meeting using the information below.

Please read the participation instructions prior to joining the meeting. 

Provide Comment

If you would like to provide comments on content in public meetings or on notices, please submit to and note the following criteria:

  • Community Planning Permit Class 2: the public has 14 calendar days from the posting of notice to comment on an application
  • Community Planning Permit Class 3 and Community Planning Permit Amendments: the public has 20 calendar days from posting of notice to comment on the application
  • Consent or Severance: the public has 14 calendar days from the posting of notice to comment on an application

Not all agenda items are open to commenting at the Planning Council Meeting. If an item isn't identified as a public meeting, members of the public who wish to speak must submit a deputation request. Such a request must be made 5 full business days prior to, not including the date of the meeting. Otherwise, please submit written comments by email.

Have a Question?

Review our Frequently Asked Questions page for the most common planning questions or contact us by emailing Planning or calling (705) 789-1751, option 3.