Neighbours - reduce household noise

Respect your neighbours and help reduce the impact of noise by:

  • Reduce your home noise such as music/tv volumes
  • Notify neighbours if you are doing any work with noisy equipment
  • Keep your pet active and happy, to avoid excessive barking or whining
  • Conduct any necessary noise within the allowed hours set-out in the noise by-law
  • Let your neighbours know when you are in the planning stages of a construction project

Contractors - make a plan

  • Please conduct construction noise during standard working hours. 
    • prohibited weekdays between 9pm and 7am the following day
    • prohibited on Sundays except between the hours of 12noon and 6pm
  • Identify where noise issues may occur on your worksite. What preventative measures can be done to manage noisy machines and activities?
  • Consult neighbours and residents that may be affected by the noise. Fill out a notice of construction/road works form. Or, use a site board with info posted about the work, and who to contact.
  • If construction will be performed outside of standard working hours, please submit a noise by-law exemption application form.

Noise concerns

Impacted by neighbourhood noise? We recommend talking with your neighbours and reviewing the noise by-law before you submit a complaint [form] to the by-law department.

Noise by-law

The noise by-law has been revised to reflect:

  • Noise exemptions, respecting special events
  • Noise prohibitions by time, read Schedule ‘B’ (link)
  • Electronic devices, respecting loud music (prohibited between hours of 7pm and 7am)
  • Construction, respecting time and type (prohibited weekdays between 9pm and 7am the following day; prohibited on Sundays except between the hours of 12noon and 6pm)
  • Persistent pet noise
  • Increased fines