Your home and your property are one of life's biggest investments. Build, enjoy and protect what you own in the Town of Huntsville! See what this area of our website offers by making a selection:


The addressing area will help step you through:

  • Getting a 911 civic number
  • Buying blue civic number signs
  • How to make a mailing address change

The building area has tips to help you plan, renovate or demo. From here, you can get forms to help get started.

Dog Control and Licensing

A dog licence is required for all dogs and is given as a tag for the dog to wear on its collar. Lost and found dogs benefit from having a tag too!  This is explained on the dog control and licensing page.

Environment and Climate Change

Huntsville is defined by the natural elements of the area. Its lakes, forests and wildlife play a prominent part of the Town’s identity. Learn more about environment and climate change in Huntsville.

Fire & Emergency Services and Home Safety
Your home is your safe spot. Learn about our fire and emergency services and home safety.
Garbage, Recycling and Waste
The District of Muskoka collects and disposes garbage and recyclables. Our web page will link you to the details of how to sort it and when to curb it. 
Check out our online maps. You can use maps to find property details, zoning needs, area roads, parking spots and more. 
Neighbourly Living
Helpful tips to speaking with your neighbours about concerns like noise, outdoor burning and messy yards.
Our planning department is here for you to get through the planning process. Visit our planning landing page to learn more.
Your home property taxes are due two times each year. There are many ways to pay them in time for each due date. Learn how your taxes are calculated. 
Short Term Rental Accommodation
For applications for a licence, safety guidelines, a list of issued permits, etc. visit the short term rental accommodation page.