The Unity Plan is Huntsville's Guide to a Sustainable Future. It tells about our town's promise to living in a way that thinks about the balance between people, planet and profit.

Click through the photos to learn about some of the projects that make Huntsville a better place to live. 


Battery recycling program

Keep batteries and their unsafe chemicals out of the landfill by recycling them instead.

Drop your dead batteries off at the:

  • Canada Summit Centre
  • Algonquin Theatre
  • Civic Centre
  • Huntsville Public Library

Even better: save batteries from your school or office and bring them in for recycling.

Don't feed the deer

In most winters, deer simply do not need food from humans as they can cope with winter conditions just fine. Part of the beauty and responsibility that comes with living in Muskoka is living alongside wildlife. Appreciate deer from a distance.

Request a copy of the brochure.

Earth hour

Every year in March, people around the world show they care about the environment by turning off anything electronic in their home for an hour. Some celebrate with board games by the light of glow sticks. Others go out to gaze at the stars or to a neighbourhood event. Visit the Earth Hour website.

Earth week

Earth Day happens every year on April 22nd but the Town has events all week long! Join us for crafts and stories at the Huntsville Public Library, a compost giveaway and Seedy Saturday event.

Kids' bike rodeo

Make sure that your kids are safe for the cycling season every June. They will ride their bikes through stations that help them get better at their biking skills. Volunteers and police officers will teach them about the rules of the road.

Mayor's bike ride

Join the Mayor every June for an evening 12-km bike ride through the streets of Huntsville. This event is fun, fee and family-friendly. Bring your bike, helmet and enthusiasm for cycling!

Orchard park apple picking festival

Enjoy the fruits of summer with a family trip to Orchard Park to pick apples. Bring a basket or a bag for the apples you collect and your friends in late August – we supply the apple-picking tools.


These markings attract cyclists and remind two-wheeled and four-wheeled road users to share the road with each other. When we are polite towards other road users, the roads are a safe place to drive and cycle.

Streetlight conversion to L.E.D.

L.E.D. streetlights use less energy than the ones they replaced. This means less electricity costs and less greenhouse gas emissions. They also cost less to maintain and provide a safer level of lighting in our town.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery: Environment and Energy will appear here on the public site.


Energy Consumption

Through Ontario Regulation 397-11, the Ontario provincial government requires that municipalities report energy consumption from their buildings that use electricity and that are heated and/or cooled. These reports are due each year on July 1. Town of Huntsville submissions:

Energy Conservation

Each municipality must submit an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, or CDM. The CDM is a 5-year plan to reduce energy use in Town buildings that use electricity and that are heated and/or cooled (i.e. the buildings for which we report energy consumption in the list above). In 2014, Council approved the Town of Huntsville Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan (2014-2019). In 2019, the Town must submit a revised CDM.