By definition, emergencies happen when we don't expect them, and often when families are not together.

Learn what situations you need to plan for, such as where to go in an evacuation or how to reach family members. Watch the video below to learn about emergency preparedness at the Town of Huntsville.

Be prepared - in three steps

Everyone is encouraged to be prepared — by creating a plan, assembling an emergency survival kit and by staying informed:

  1. Make an emergency plan. Here's how
  2. Build an emergency survival kit. Here's how.
  3. Stay informed and be alert ready. Here's how:

Before, during and after and emergency

Know what to do:

During a declared emergency, the Town of Huntsville provides residents, businesses and visitors with as much details about the situation as possible. A specialized area of our website is created and becomes the current source of information during that time.

Hazards and emergency types

Across Ontario and Canada, we face a number of natural hazards. These can vary based on where we live. Knowing the common types of hazards and potential emergencies that can arise in your area, and what to do, is an important part of being prepared.

Select any of these hazards to learn more about them:

For all hazards and emergency types, please:

Important links

Continue to stay informed by visiting these links: