Town public notices

Town of Huntsville news and notices are available year-round.

Road closures

Current updates on road closures due to flooding can be found on our news page.

Tips during a flood

When a flood is occurring in your community or near your home, consider the following:

  • Secure or remove items which may create debris
  • Avoid travelling on roads that are near any bodies of water
  • Don’t drive through, stand or walk in any moving water
  • If you must walk, look for still water and use a stick to check the ground in front of you
  • Keep children and pets away from floodwater
  • Avoid using the plumbing system if the septic tank or the disposal field is under water
  • If you are instructed by emergency officials to evacuate, do so immediately
  • Stay informed. Stay tuned to local government, emergency services and news channels for updates. Signup for the emergency alert messages from the Provincial Government: Alert Ready in Ontario

Tips after a flood

Visit for a full list on what to do after a flood. When re-entering your home, consider the following:

  • Use extreme caution when returning to your home after a flood.
  • If your house has been flooded and you have a well, don't drink the water. Have it tested first. Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) Huntsville offers water testing kits at 34 Chaffey Street, for pick up and drop off.
  • The main electrical panel must be cleaned, dried, and tested by a qualified electrician to ensure that it is safe.
  • Make sure the building is structurally safe. Look for buckled walls or floors. Watch for holes in the floor, broken glass and other potentially dangerous debris.
  • Maintain good hygiene during flood cleanup. Minimize contact with floodwater or anything that may have been in contact with it. Keep children away from contaminated areas during cleanup operations.

Sand bags

Learn how to build a proper sandbag dike in this short video by Get Prepared BC and Public Safety Canada.

FREE sandbags and sand fill station:

  • The Town has set up a free sandbag filling station behind the Canada Summit Centre (20 Park Drive) and Port Sydney Fire Hall (387 S Mary Lake Rd). 
  • Free sandbags and sand are available for filling, with a limited amount of pre-filled bags currently available.
  • Please note free sandbags are only available to those available in low lying areas.

The below locations may offer sand bags and sand. It is recommended that you call first to confirm availability:

Sand bag disposal

As water starts to recede, residents and businesses are reminded that sandbags are considered contaminated waste. Residents can drop off used sandbags at Madill Yard (169 Madill Church Road, Huntsville), Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

  • Wear appropriate protection such as gloves and eye wear to reduce your risk of exposure to bacteria, chemicals or other hazards that could be present on or in used sandbags.
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water after contacting floodwaters or handling items such as used sandbags.
  • Do not reuse sand from used sandbags in areas where there may be human contact.
  • Do not reuse the sand from used sandbags in children’s sandboxes, playgrounds or for landscaping purposes where there may be direct human contact.
  • Never dispose of sand from used sandbags in a wetland, along waterways (shorelines) or other locations where it may have contact with people, wildlife and the water.

Isolated power disconnections

Certain areas could see power outages during a flood. Find out how to prepare your home before, during and after power outages, on the Government of Canada Get Prepared page.

General inquiry

To assist residents the Town of Huntsville will continue to respond to general inquiries and information at the following Customer Service phone number: 705-789-1751.

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Watershed and flood plain mapping

Watershed and flood plain maps of Huntsville and Muskoka areas.

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