Huntsville's by-law officers licence and control domestic dogs, only. However, if any animal has been struck and killed by a motor vehicle on a road, sidewalk or ditch, please contact Roads customer service.

Lost and found

During COVID-19, by-law staff will be available to pick up a found dog and take it to the Muskoka SPCA for safekeeping until the owner is located. View lost and found dog section for contact numbers.

We answer concerns and complaints about dogs running at large. 


Lost dog

Found dog

  • If you have found a dog during our business hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm, contact our customer service
  • If you have found a dog after our business hours, contact the OSPCA Muskoka Animal Centre at 705-645-6225


  • If a cat has been lost or found, contact the OSPCA Muskoka Animal Centre at 705-645-6225.
  • Town of Huntsville only controls domestic dogs.


Small wild animal(s)

  • Animal concerns for nuisance or wild animals such as beavers, raccoons, squirrels, etc. should be directed to a wildlife control company under nuisance control in a local directory
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources can be contacted for concerns about wild animals


Please refer to a local directory for pest control services for nuisance pests.

Dog licensing and tags

All dogs must have a dog licence. 

Buy a dog tag online or at Huntsville Pet Valu during regular hours of operation.

Types of tags

You have the option of buying licence tags that are:

  • Annual 
  • Lifetime
  • Replacement - by phone only 705-789-1751 ext 3039 or 3041
  • Free for registered service animals - by phone only 705-789-1751 ext 3039 or 3041

Restricted pit bull dogs

If you have questions or concerns about the Ontario Dog Owners' Liability Act and restricted pit bulls, please contact our by-law office


By-laws are in place to allow Town of Huntsville by-law officers to regulate and enforce the control and licensing of dogs and the control of noise