It is recommended that you first look into zoning and planning requirements before beginning your next project. 

There are requirements you must meet depending on the project. If you are building on a waterfront lot, site plan approval may be required.

Building requirements and fees

Construct a deck

A building permit from the Town of Huntsville is required for all decks except where:

  • Distance from the finished ground to the finished deck is not more than 24 inches and the deck is not supporting a roof
  • The deck is not larger than 10 square metres (108 square feet) and not attached to another building

Permit requirements and fees

A building permit application for a deck typically requires:

  • A fully completed building permit application 
  • Two (2) complete sets of drawings
  • Site plan drawing showing the locations of proposed and existing structures, septic systems and wells with accurate setbacks and dimensions
  • Fees are based on the "Estimated Project Value of the Construction" at a rate of $10.00 per thousand dollars, with a minimum fee of $100.00. Refer to the fees and charges by-law

The Town of Huntsville has a deck construction guide to help home owners comply with the related sections of the Ontario Building Code. This package contains all of the above required forms and can be submitted as a replacement to professional drawings.

Construct a fence

The Town of Huntsville does not have a bylaw for fences.

Before constructing a fence, we suggest that you confirm the location of your property lines. This is to ensure that the fence is not encroaching onto a neighbouring property.

Construct a pool enclosure

If you are planning on having a pool installed, a pool enclosure permit from the Town of Huntsville may be required.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain a pool enclosure permit when the pool has a water depth of 24 inches or greater. The pool enclosure by-law can provide more information.

Requirements and permit fees

A permit for a pool enclosure requires:

  • A fully completed pool enclosure permit application
  • Two complete sets of drawings showing details of the proposed pool enclosure including the type of proposed fence and gate
  • A site plan drawing showing the location of the pool, all proposed pool enclosure equipment, proposed landscape features in relation to property lines, buildings and any easements
  • The fee for a pool enclosure permit is $125.00. Refer to the fees and charges by-law

Property lines and surveys

Before making any changes to your property, we suggest that you confirm the location of your property lines. This is to ensure that no work you complete is ever encroaching onto a neighbouring property. If you are unsure where your property lines are, you will need a land survey. 

Contact the Land Registry Office directly 705-645-4415 about deeds, property records and original surveys on title.