What is a Consent Application?

The consent application process addresses applying for a severance, easement or right-of-way, lot addition or title validation
Severance is the process undertaken to divide a piece of land to form a new lot or parcel. If you are looking at selling, charging, mortgaging or entering into an agreement for more than 21 years for a portion of your land, severance is necessary. 

Note: if you are looking at dividing your land into many new lots or parcels please review the subdivision/condo information. 

Why is there a formal Consent Application process?

The process ensures that the division of land is appropriate for the community and that all of the associated future needs and uses can be supported. 

What is the Consent Application Process?

The severance process uses the Consent Application Form. Please read the following information:

STEP 1: Gather Required Documentation
  • Find or prepare a survey/drawing showing boundaries of the property.

  • Prepare a sketch to show the changes proposed through consent process. Ex: new lot boundaries, new easement location, new lot.
  • Clearly identify all dimensions and existing development and constraints if known.
STEP 2: Pre-Consultation
  • Pre-consultation with the Town to review development proposal.

  • Town will confirm requirements for a severance and/or other application requirements are identified.

  • The $285.00 pre-consultation fee is required.
STEP 3: Application Submission
  • The Consent Form Application must be submitted with all required studies, plans, etc.
  • Only once all required documentation is received will the application be reviewed. 
    Required Documentation
    • Record of pre-consultation
    • Commissioned signatures of Owner and/or Agent
    • Parcel Registry (or Title Abstract) from Land Registry Office dated within 14 calendar days of the submission of application
    • Written description (in a separate attachment) summarizing proposal and planning justification
    • Any requests made during pre-consultation
    • Supplemental information as noted in section 13.23 of the Huntsville Official Plan, may be requested upon further review of the application
    • Applicable drawings - must be to scale and include: 
      • Boundaries and dimensions of any lands abutting the subject land that is owned by the owner
      • Approximate distance between the subject land and the nearest township lot line or landmark
      • Boundaries and dimensions of the subject land, detailing the part that is to be severed and the part that is to be retained
      • Locations of all land previously severed from the parcel originally acquired by the current owner of the lands
      • Approximate location of all natural and artificial features located on the subject land and adjacent to the land that may effect the application. This includes: buildings, roads, watercourses, drainage, ditches, wooded areas etc.
      • Current land uses of the land as well as adjacent to the subject land
      • Location width and name of any roads within or abutting the subject land, indicating whether ir is an unopened road allowance, a public travelled road, a private road or a right-of-way. If access to the subject land will be by water only, the location of the parking and boat docking facilities to be used
      • Location and nature of any easement affecting the land
  • Application is then circulated to commenting agencies and departments.
  • Once all comments are received and addressed, application is deemed complete.
  • Public notification is sent out, if required.

Note: Consent applications take approximately 8 -10 weeks to process and applicants can appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal if they haven't received a decision after 90 calendar days following the submission of a complete application. Additionally, key participants can file an appeal within 20 business days following a decision.

STEP 4: Application Review
  • Once an application has been deemed complete by Planning Staff, a decision must be made within 90 business days. 
  • Applications are reviewed and approved by Staff.
  • During this step of severance there is a public commenting period. This period is at least 14 calendar days before a decision is made. 
  • During the public commenting period:
    • if significant public complaints or concerns are received, the application requires Planning Council review. 
    • if no significant public concerns are raised, Town staff have approval authority.
STEP 5: Decision
  • Upon review of a complete application, Staff or Planning Council may:
    • Approve the Application and issue a Provisional approval for consent.
    • Refuse the Application and not issue approval for consent.
  • Within 15 business days of the application decision, a decision notice is sent to all who have requested this communication.

STEP 6: Appeal Period

  • For 20 business days following a decision there is a public appeal period. If no appeals are received, staff will issue a formal communication.

STEP 7: Conditions

  • Following Provisional Approval, applicants have two years to fulfill the listed conditions. If they are not met within the time frame the approval is considered lapsed and applicants must reapply for approval. In addition to the standard conditions below, there may be site specific conditions identified through the application process as well. 
    • Standard Conditions of Provisional Approval (2024 fees):

      1. A consent finalization fee ($208.00 per new lot); 
      2. A site inspection fee ($265.00 for first three lots + $52 for each additional lot); 
      3. A 5% cash-in-lieu of parkland on the severed lands based on the estimated vacant land value provided by MPAC; 
      4. The completion and registration of a survey and;
      5. A consent agreement 51(26) ($327.00) registered on title.

What are the Consent Application Fees (2024)?

Pre-Consultation Fee: $285.00

Application Fees:

  • New lot creation: $1725.00
  • Right-of-way or easement: $1145.00
  • Lot addition: $1145.00
  • Title Validation: $1105.00

Payment can be made over the phone (credit card only; Visa and Mastercard) or in person (credit card, debit, or cheque). Payment of fees is required to consider an application complete and delay in payment may result in a delay to the next steps. Fees are updated on an annual basis.

Consent Application Timeline

Following the pre-consultation and submission of a complete application, severances (consent applications) take approximately 8 -10 weeks to process and applicants can appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal if they haven't received a decision after 90 business days following the submission of a complete application.

Following the decision, there is a 20 calendar day appeal period for the applicant. 

Have a Question?

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