THE new Community Planning Permit By-law (CPP By-law) is here.

Community Planning permit By-law educational booklet

The CPP By-law implements the policies of the Town's Official Plan through a Community Planning Permit System and addresses precinct amendments, minor variances and site plan agreements under one application.  The By-law is general in nature and applies to all lands within the Town of Huntsville.

On this page:

  • What is the CPP By-law
  • Passage of the CPP By-law
  • Commencement of the CPP By-law
  • Appeal of the CPP By-law
  • How to learn more about the CPP By-law development project
  • Supporting resources (as they become available)

What is a CPP By-law?

A CPP By-law is a tool available to municipalities in Ontario under the Planning Act that combines the development process into one approval stream by addressing all precinct amendments, minor variances and site plan agreements under one application.

This means that the Town’s CPP By-law provides Huntsville with the ability to regulate and manage development in a more streamlined and flexible manner, with applications being reviewed within a 45-day timeframe. 

For the community, it means faster approval timelines, less applications, and less approvals that need to be considered by Council. 

In addition to streamlining development approvals, the By-law helps the Town address some of the ongoing issues related to development, such as erosion, natural heritage, tree removal and site alteration. 

The CPP by-law outlines permitted uses for each lot in Huntsville. It also provides lot requirements, such as:

  • setbacks for buildings
  • height of buildings
  • number of residential units
  • setbacks from the water
  • parking requirements

All new development needs to meet the standards set out in the CPP By-law.

For more information on the CPP By-law, please read the Educational Booklet.

What is the Precinct on a property?

Instead of zones, the CPP By-law has precincts. You can use the interactive Town of Huntsville Map (TOHM) Map to find out the precinct on a property and land use schedules. You can find the permitted uses and lot requirements in Section 4 of the CPP By-law.

Passage of the CPP By-law

On July 25, 2022, Town of Huntsville Council passed the Town of Huntsville CPP By-law (By-law 2022-97). The By-law can be viewed online here:

CPP By-law Commencement

The By-law is now in full force and effect as of January 31, 2023. 

CPP By-law Appealed

Three (3) Notices of Appeal were filed with the Town of Huntsville respecting the CPP By-law.  As of January 31, 2023, only one appeal remains active. The By-law has been deemed to be in effect for all lands in the Town of Huntsville not subject to this appeal.    

CPP By-law Development

To learn more about the community consultation and steps taken to develop the by-law please visit