The Community Planning Permit (CPP) By-law applies Town-wide and outlines rules for what can be developed, where and under what conditions. It replaced the Town's existing Zoning By-law and provides greater direction regarding aspects of development typically outside of zoning such as site alteration, grading, tree removal, natural feature protection and shoreline controls.

The Community Planning Permit streamlines the development process by combining the previously separate applications of minor variances, zoning amendments and site plan agreements while also increasing the scope to cover site alteration and tree removal permits as well.

A By-law amendment is required to change the precinct designation on the property or to make site specific exceptions related to permitted uses.

Why is the Community Planning Permit By-law necessary?

The Community Planning Permit By-law is intended to:

  • Ensure that buildings and structures are appropriately situated;
  • Ensure compatible development;
  • Ensure environmental conservation and restoration;
  • Provide for functional and safe access to properties, buildings and structures;
  • Control site grading and vegetation removal to ensure appropriate development; and
  • Contribute to the creation of resilient communities.

What is the Community Planning Permit By-law Amendment Process?

STEP 1: Gather Required Documentation
  • Visit TOHM to see mapping and determine Precinct and Natural Constraints on the property.
  • Visit Section 1.3 to review exemptions.
  • Visit Page xiii for information on how to read the CPP By-law.
  • Looking to make changes to or develop waterfront property? Visit the Waterfront Development page for more information and applicable by-law.
STEP 2: Pre-Consultation
  • Identify the precinct on the Town of Huntsville Map.

  • Complete the Pre-consultation Form. A fee of $285 is paid online after completing the form.
  • Receive feedback from the Town after reviewing your development proposal.

  • Town will confirm requirements for a Permit.

  • Permit Class, and/or other application requirements are identified.

STEP 3: Application Submission
  • Application must be submitted with all required studies, plans, etc. Only once all required documentation is received will the application be reviewed and the 45 business day review period begin.
    Required Documentation
    • Record of pre-consultation
    • Commissioned signatures of Owner and/or Agent
    • Parcel Registry (or Title Abstract) from Land Registry Office dated within 14 calendar days of the submission of application
    • Written description (in a separate attachment) summarizing proposal and planning justification
    • Financial Securities (When applicable - minimum of $2000.00 and set by staff)
    • An Authorization & Affidavit or Sworn Declaration 
    • Any requests made during pre-consultation
    • One copy of applicable drawings - must be to scale and include: 
      • Boundaries and dimensions of lot
      • Location, size, and type of all existing and proposed buildings and structures
      • Existing and proposed setbacks for all buildings and structures to front, side and rear lot lines
      • Lot area
      • Existing and proposed vegetation
      • Septic field
      • Right-of-ways
      • Easements
      • Driveway
      • Parking area(s)
      • Natural features and building footprints within or adjacent to lot
  • Application is then circulated to commenting agencies and departments. Once all comments are received and addressed, the application is deemed complete public notification is sent out, if required.


STEP 4: Application Review
  • Once an application has been deemed complete by Planning Staff, a decision must be made within 45 business days. 
  • By-law Amendments are reviewed and approved by Planning Council.
STEP 5: Decision
  • An approval or denial decision will be given at Planning Council.
  • If approved, then the Amendment must be given a by-law number and ratified at Town Council.
  • Once ratified, a Notice of Passage will be issued.

STEP 6: Appeal Period

  • Following the issuance of a Notice of Passage, there is a 20 calendar day appeal period. In addition to the applicant, anyone who submitted comments (written or oral) has the right to appeal.

Community Planning Permit By-law Amendment Fees (2024)

  • Pre-Consultation: $285.00

  • Amendment Application: $2,228.00


Staff review includes a 20 calendar day commenting period with a notice placed on subject site and on the Town website, as well as a mail out to property owners within 120 m. Staff will present their recommendation to Planning
Council and Council will reach a decision.