If you have structures or plan to build within the Town of Huntsville on the original shore road allowance (OSRA) abutting your property, you'll be required to close it. This is a condition of planning approvals (consent, minor variance or site plan approval).

What is a shore road allowance?

OSRAs were laid out by Crown surveyors. Many of the OSRAs along the lakes and rivers in Huntsville were never opened.

Why does it need to be closed?

Property owners often don't own their shoreline up to the water's edge. Purchasing the OSRAs can increase your lot size and lot coverage.

Original road allowances that lead to water won't be closed as they allow public access to water.

Steps to purchase an OSRA

These are the steps for approval. For a detailed guide, please read the road and shore road allowance closing policy and the OSRA procedures

  1. Fill out the application form, including letters from your neighbours and a sketch of the property.
  2. A planner will review the application. If abutting neighbours have given letters of approval, staff have been delegated the authority to approve the application. If abutting neighbours have not signed letters of approval, the application will go to the Development Services Committee for consideration.
  3. If staff or Development Services Committee approves your application, you'll be required to complete a survey outlining the flooded and un-flooded portions of the OSRA.
  4. Staff will forward your approval to the Town's solicitor who will complete the required steps to close and purchase the OSRA.
  5. A by-law will go to Council for passage. The by-law will be registered on the title of your property and the OSRA will be transferred into your ownership once you've paid the purchase price.

Licence of occupation

If you don't want to purchase the OSRA or it can't be sold by the Town, you can apply for a licence of occupation. A licence of occupation recognizes structures on Town-owned property.