911 civic addressing

  • Properties in Huntsville and all of Muskoka are assigned a 911 civic address
  • This identifies the location of a property along a roadway
  • The 911 civic address is not necessarily where the mail goes to
  • For 911 civic address questions, contact the Corporate Information department

Assigning new 911 civic addresses

  • For developed properties or properties where a home or cottage will be located, a 911 civic address is required and a 911 number sign must be posted.
  • Newly severed lots will require a notice of 911 civic address to confirm the new assigned 911 civic address for each new lot.
  • For properties that do not have road access or water access, the civic address may not refer to a number or road name.

Road Naming

911 number signs

Why these are required and helpful:

  • The 911 number sign can be either a blue reflective number sign located at the driveway entrance or a more decorative number sign posted on the building if within 20 meters of the road centerline.
  • The 911 number sign clearly identifies the civic address
  • The number sign quickly alerts emergency responders to the civic address
  • Provides location reference to your neighbours

Obtain and install a 911 number sign

  • Ensure you have confirmed your 911 civic address with the Corporate Information department and have received your Notice of 911 Civic Addressing.

For rural areas or where building is more the 20 meters from the road centerline: 

  • You require a blue reflective number sign at the end of your driveway
  • Submit the 911 Sign Plate Payment Form to make arrangements to purchase a new number sign
  • The distance between the post and the centerline of the driveway entrance shall not exceed 6.0 meters
  • The distance between the post and the right-of-way for the abutting road shall not exceed 6.0 meters
  • The top of the blue plate shall be at least 1.4 meters and no more than 1.6 meters above the average grade of the property directly in front of the plate

For urban areas where the building is within 20 meters of the road centerline:

  • You require a clearly visible number sign posted on your building
  • Purchase directly from local hardware or home improvement store and install a decorative number sign
  • Decorative number sign must be a contrasting colour from the building background colour
  • Number(s) must have a minimum height of 10 centimetres
  • Must be posted in accordance to the municipal 911 civic addressing bylaw
  • The mailing address is where your mail is sent to (this is where we send the property tax bill)
  • It may be different than the property’s 911 civic address

Mailing address changes