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image of Main Street with people walking on sidewalks and cars travelling through town

Streetscape Project

The District of Muskoka has slated Main Street construction as a project in 2019 to address below street level water and sewage infrastructure. The Town of Huntsville has the opportunity to rethink and redesign Main Street and Kent Park; so that any future construction can incorporate a new design that reflects the wants and needs of our residents and visitors.

How would you redesign Main Street?

Provide Your Input by Joining Us

  • Public Interviews - Monday, June 18

    • 2:00pm or 4:00pm
    • Book a 20 minute interview session with members of the Planning Partnership or Steering Committee.
    • To book your time, please contact Donna at dhinde@planpart.ca
  • Public Workshop - Monday, June 18

    • 4:30pm or 6:30pm
    • Algonquin Theatre, Partner's Hall, 37 Main Street East
    • Join a table group discussion and share your thoughts on Main Street and Kent Park: what's important, what are the key challenges for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists, and what are the best opportunities for change.
  • Afternoon Informal Drop-In - Tuesday, June 19

    • The team will be developing concepts to illustrate a new future for Main Street with options for planting new trees, new flower planters, seating, special paving, lighting, parking and signage.
    • Drop in to review the work in progress anytime between 1:00pm through 4:00pm
  • Public Workshop - Tuesday, June 19

    • 4:30pm or 6:30pm
    • Algonquin Theatre, Partner's Hall, 37 Main Street East
    • Join the table group discussions to review the concepts for Main Street and Kent Park.

Streetscape Project Steering Committee

Roles of Steering Committee

  • Meet with the team 3 times over the next two months to review work in progress;
  • To provide feedback;
  • To help identify and resolve issues;
  • To liaise with their respective organizations or community of interest to ensure broad community awareness of the project; and
  • To participate in the community consultation events.

Appointed Members of Steering Committee

  • Mayor Scott Aitchison
  • Councillor Nancy Alcock
  • Councillor Dan Armour
  • Councillor Bob Stone
  • BIA Chair Rachel Hunt
  • BIA Treasurer Steve Campbell
  • Mr. Claude Doughty

Project Consultant

  • Ms. Donna Hinde, The Planning Partnership Ltd.

Who to Contact with Questions

Town of Huntsville
Derrick Hammond
Executive Director of Development Services

Phone: (705) 789-1751 ext. 2232
In Person: 37 Main St East
Email Derrick

Who to Contact with Questions

The Planning Partnership
Donna Hinde

Principal, The Planning Partnership
Phone: (416) 975-1556 ext. 224
Email: dhinde@planpart.ca
1255 Bay Street Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5R 2A9