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Streetscape Project

The District of Muskoka has slated Main Street construction as a future project to address below street level water and sewage infrastructure. This presents the Town of Huntsville with an exciting opportunity to rethink and redesign Main Street and Kent Park; to reflect the wants and needs of our residents and visitors.

Over a three day period, the Town's consultant, the Planning Partnership Ltd. worked with community business owners and residents to develop a design concept for a future Main Street and Kent Park. Based on that community feedback, the consultant presented their recommended design concept (so that any future construction can incorporate a new design that reflects a truly made in Muskoka solution - trees that grow here, beautiful granite boulders, paving and Muskoka chairs, dark sky friendly lighting, and more!), as well as a project cost estimate at General Committee on June 27.

Streetscape Project Proposal Summary:

The new vision of Main Street celebrates Downtown Huntsville with a Muskoka-inspired beautiful streetscape.
Please see the Streetscape Project Design Brief.

Proposal highlights:
  • A new gateway at Lorne Street and Main Street marks the entrance where a broad view of Downtown Huntsville unfolds.
  • Crosswalks marked with special paving will ensure safe pedestrian crossings and a signal to vehicles to slow down while travelling on Main Street through Downtown.
  • Both sides of Main Street have on-street parking in bays identified with special pavers that can also be locations for temporary café areas or extra seating in the summer.
  • A new Town Square in front of the Town Hall and Theatre has special paving that extends from building face to building face. When Main Street is closed for the outstanding events held year-round in Downtown Huntsville, this area will be the heart of the festivities.
  • Sidewalks will be lined with street trees that have room underground to stretch their roots, be aerated and watered, ensuring healthy, long lived trees.
  • Muskoka chairs will be set out along the sidewalks of Main Street. "Muskoka Moments" featuring granite boulders and areas planted with alder, birch, conifers and dogwood, will bring the surrounding landscape onto Main Street.
Below are a few images from the proposal. Please see the PDF link above for full details.

sketch up concept of what Kent Park could look like

Draft map of what Main Street and Kent park could look like        Draft map and drawing of the possible narrowing of Main Street for road traffic        test

Streetscape Project Steering Committee

Roles of Steering Committee

  • Meet with the team 3 times over the next two months to review work in progress;
  • To provide feedback;
  • To help identify and resolve issues;
  • To liaise with their respective organizations or community of interest to ensure broad community awareness of the project; and
  • To participate in the community consultation events.

Appointed Members of Steering Committee

  • Mayor Scott Aitchison
  • Councillor Nancy Alcock
  • Councillor Dan Armour
  • Councillor Bob Stone
  • BIA Chair Rachel Hunt
  • BIA Treasurer Steve Campbell
  • Mr. Claude Doughty

Project Consultant

  • Ms. Donna Hinde, The Planning Partnership Ltd.

Who to Contact with Questions

Town of Huntsville
Derrick Hammond
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Who to Contact with Questions

The Planning Partnership
Donna Hinde

Principal, The Planning Partnership
Phone: (416) 975-1556 ext. 224
Email: dhinde@planpart.ca
1255 Bay Street Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5R 2A9