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Site Plan Approval

The following is a complete guide for the Town's Site Plan Requirements:

  • A Site Plan Agreement is required prior to issuance of a Building Permit.
  • All waterfront lots are required to have a 15 m buffer zone from the high water mark that remains in its natural state. The only exception is a small (25% of the width of the lot to a maximum of 15m) amenity area.
  • The Town requires a minimum Security Deposit in the amount of $2,000 to be held while the development is occurring and is returned upon completion of construction and landscaping to the Town's satisfaction.
  • Site Plans require drawings that show buildings, driveways, parking areas, pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, landscaping fences, drains, septic, well and Municipal services and are comprised of five key drawings:
    1. Site Plan
    2. Landscape Plan
    3. Storm Water Management Plan
    4. Building Perspective and
    5. Servicing Plan

Requirements & Guidelines

Application Forms

All industrial, commercial, institutional, multiple residential and waterfront residential are subject to Site Plan Control. Visit the Planning Forms page for details.

Other Planning & Development Process Information

Visit the Development and Planning for Land Use page for general information and planning processes.

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